Friday, April 16, 2004

HAPPY uh DAY! Isn't it wonderful? Today is beautiful! Leo-the-Loli-Pop-Man and Shewan Khan are giving me funny looks. But today is COOKIE DOUGH DAY! That's what it is! HAPPY COOKIE DOUGH DAY!!!! And boy could I use it!
I have two papers and a speech (which will be a memorial service for Batman) due Monday plus this coming week I have a website I have to make, Bible and History reading, a History essay, I'm sure there's something in Psyc, yearbook, and PA/IMPACT stuff I have to do. Aren't I having fun? What I could use right now is a good ol' mission with lots of excitement and dramatic emphasis (laugh).

So you might wonder with all this stuff I'm doing, why aren't I doing it? Well, because I'm just so darn sick of school that I'm NOT!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :::::lots of evil laughter:::: Now Sam and Gurgi the Little Doggie are giving me funny looks too. Well, I had been working on the Genre report for Bible, but I read my sisters blog and thought, "Today is Cookie Dough Day, I should post something. It's not like anybody reads it anyway. It will be sort of like writing to Teddy, except I'm too lazy to reach under my desk and get Teddy out right now." Okay, so those weren't my exact words. But oh well.

::10-20 minutes later:::: Well, my sister just stopped by and we wound up talking for awhile, so I should probably really get at it (stupid papers), but tonight! Tonight I must ride motorcycles! The motorcycles are calling me! Well, peace, love, and spinich (or liver or whatever). Or, in Klutzese: Motorcycles, Cookie Dough, and Starry Nights!! B'bye, says I!

:::curtain close, thunderous applause:::
(Am I the only freak that edits my posts before I post them? Don't answer that. Oh well, here goes nothing . . . AMW)