Friday, May 20, 2005

So I'm sitting at work and going crazy because it's Friday and I still have half an hour of work plus four and a half hours of class!! :::bangs head on desk:::: Oh well, at least I got the computer today. I need to ask about getting it so I can sign on under my name instead of borrowing somebody else's. Ooo, sounds like a book: Borrowing Someone Else's Name. Da da da! The main character, Tommy Shepherd, discovers that he isn't who he thought he was! In addition, his new identity is wanted for first class murder! Or murder in the First Class. That sounds like another book! Tommy Shepherd was riding along on the train, relishing his gift of First Class train tickets. Suddenly, the lights go out! the train car screeches! there is a hideous scream! Oh the tragedy of it all!! There was a murder! Tommy Shepherd gets the blame! Just before his conviction--oh, another book! Just Before Conviction--Tommy Shepherd is wrongfully blamed for the Murder in the First Class. Just before his conviction, a mystrious female lawyer/love interest busts Tommy out of prison! She wasn't really his lawyer, she's a bounty hunter, hired by the murdered victom's family (who believe Tommy Shepherd is innocent) to find their son's murderer (or was the victom a girl? I forget). In order to find out what really happened, the mysterious lawyer/bounty hunter/love interest needs Tommy's help! Back to Borrowing Someone Else's Identity--or was it Name?--whichever. Tommy has to assume a new identity in order to escape the FBE--I mean FBI, I'm not really trying to rename a government agency


And then it turns out that Tommy Shepherd's new identity was his real identity--he only thought he was Tommy Shepherd! And as it turns out, his new identity, Max Cable, is actually a serial killer who really did murder the murdered victom! Jana Suewellen (the laywer/ bounty hunter/ lover interest) is forced to work against her passionate love for Tommy Shepherd and has to arrest Max Cable to turn over to the murdered victim's family vengeful wrath!! Oh the HORROR!! In a fit of frenzied rage, Max KILLS Jana Suwellen! When he discovers what he has done, Tommy commits suicide and Max takes over his brain going on a vicious rampage where he murders seventy-two innocent victims before being brought to justice.

He he he, that was really fun. And random, I guess. Nobody can steal my wonderful plot idea or cool beyond cool names! They're MINE I tell you!! :-) Maybe I should go before I frighten my adoring public to death. He he.

Happy Friday!

Annie the Crazed from Working Nearly 8 Hours on the Switchboard and Having 4 and 1/2 Hours of Class to Look Forward to Tonight

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ah, why do summer and stars go together so well? Stars are awesomeness. This astronomy class makes me think of something like a museam exhibit I once went to, but I can't quite recall what it is. The closest thing I can think of is the ET ride at Universal Studios. That was a fun ride--yeah, that's probably it. I have a picture of the aurora for my computer background and it was fun to wake up in the middle of the night, look down from my bunk and see the aurora in my room. :-) And then I look up and bump my head on the "It's snowing!" sign taped to the roof above my bed. Old inside joke--my sister had fun at the computer lab the other night. I walked into my room and saw a sign, "He's coming . . ." taped the closet when I opened the door. All around the room are pictures of Darth Vader taped everywhere but the walls (since we aren't allowed to put anything on the walls :::dirty look:::).

Speaking of Darth Vader, my sister and I had a sister date at Burger King on Sunday and they had Star Wars toys! I felt like 12 again! My sister and I both "Jedi sized" or whatever our value meals so that we each got two Star Wars toys. Ah, it was like the summers of old . . . So Star Wars came out today and we might go see it this weekend. Let me tell you, it had better be better than the last two "Star Wars" (note the quote marks) movies. Anyhoozers . . .

So, only ten days left of being a teenager! AHHHHH! Weirdness . . . I can't believe I'm almost two decades old. I saw a commercial for the tenth anniversary of Pocahantas--boy do I feel old! Sheesh, I remember like three movies before Pocahantas! Well, I should probably get ready for work--Oh oh!! I wrote 11 pages yesterday!! Yay! I'm back in writing mode! The only problem is that it took 3 hours to write 11 pages when normally I can do approximately 5 an hour. But, I was answering the phone at the same time, so we'll be lenient. I just got to the part I've been trying to get to forever when the main character first really meets his arch-nemises! I'm almost to the part where the have their first battle! Oh, it's so exciting! I haven't gotten to this part since Draft 4! Which was like 3 years ago. Oh right, work. Anyway, so maybe I'll get more work done today at work! Although, I do have homework, which is the stinky kind of work. Right, I'm leaving now. Tomorrow's Friday!!

Sam/Annie or Annie/Sam or whatever order you prefer or TC/Luke/Luther/Vortex/Kitty/Captain Janeway/Samwise Gamgee/RED/any other of the numerous knicknames I have accumilated over the years--and not one of them at college, now that's messed up . . .

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Well, I've survived one week of work (plus a day) and nearly a week of class. All I can say is, this is good for a couple weeks, but I'll be glad when work is over. Working for four to five hours and then running to class for four and a half hours can get exhausting. It might not be so bad if class wasn't from 6 to 10:30pm. Thankfully, class is only Mon-Wed-Fri, and it's a fun class! Yay for astronomy! Numerous story ideas jump out of the text at every moment! :-D Plus looking at the craters on the moon is fun, too. But, I do have a test tomorrow that I probably ought to study for. Darn studying, it stinks. As my astronomy lab partner said, studying is like homework without a definate end. It's terrible!

Speaking of stories (as that's a more pleasant topic than class), I'm getting back into writing phase now that the major semester is over. I have a feeling some major rewriting is necessary for--what am I on?--Part 4, but as it's the first time I've written this part, I don't so much mind. :-) I got a book on Plot and Structure at Books a Million last Saturday. I always freak out and think Book 1 (of my series) must be soooo boring and it doesn't have a plot really, and it doesn't really get into the plot until Chapter 7. I always forget that aliens trying to conquer the world (sounds silly, doesn't it?) isn't actually the plot line, even though it started out that way. The plot is an orphan young man starting college tries to find his self-identity (and fails miserably, by the way--oo, this is fun!). And then in astronomy class last night, the teacher mentioned something that made me think of my villain and suddenly she got a lot cooler and more evil and I started to think the whole end of Book 2 again. My series is really like one big book in a bunch of volumes. Each book ends with this, "Oh there was a battle that began at the beginning of the book, but we finally won!! But then the world blew up and we have to start over" kind of feeling. Each book ends with the beginning of another problem. It's really fun!

Anyway, I should probably ready for work. "How may I direct your call?" I got a call for someone from the brother floor the other day. It was funny. But we aren't allowed to give out student's information. Have wonderful weeks everybody!!

Sam G.

Friday, May 13, 2005

I don't have time to say much now except "The Internet is back!! Yay!!!" So I can finally post the posts that I wrote Sunday and Monday. I to leave for work in about ten minutes. I'm working all day today and then I have class tonight. Oh joy. Pray for me not to go crazy!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday morning: Well, I started that entry Sunday morning when I took a quick break from packing, but by the time I was done moving out and everything, I was too tired to finish. I spent all day packing, cleaning, and moving. It made it worse that I was already sore from moving everybody else’s stuff on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I ate Burger King for supper, which was yummy, and didn’t get to bed until really late. In a little over an hour, I have to leave for work—my first job! (not counting five days at the dog groomer’s and Peer Advising) Weeeeird.

Speaking of weird, right now, I am installed in Quad 4, and it just seems weird. Everything is so familiar that I keep expecting to see Quad 2 people. Now I’ll tell you what’s unfair—the Quad has BIG closets (I can hang up my dresses and the whole thing can hang out, as opposed to being bunched on the floor; as short as I am, if my dresses get bunched on the floor, there’s something wrong), you can move the furniture, the Quad has nice desks with three drawers, and the Quad has bookshelves. So the room is smaller, but it seems like there is more space. I agree with Jennie—if I ever get rich and win the lottery or something, I’m going to get ELH moveable furniture and bigger closets.

Oh, and since the phone lines in this room aren’t working and I’m totally cut off from the world, it might be awhile before I post this. Well, I’m off to find something to do before I make myself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. :-)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Well, everybody’s gone except those of us who are here for the summer, :-( and I decided to take a break from packing. I have had such an awesome beyond awesome week! I hardly remember finals, so much fun stuff has happened since then, albeit it involved a lot of watching people leave.

Monday night we had Amanda’s surprise going away party. That was so much fun! We ate The Dip, cake, and played Three on a Couch (which was so cool ‘cause we started out the year playing Three on a Couch at our first Brother/Sister floor party!). Then Carolyn gave Amanda Victoria and Albert, so we watched the first half that night.

The next day, I didn’t really study for finals because I didn’t want to. So Amanda and I watched the second half of Victoria and Albert. Wednesday evening, Jennie, R-Duck, and I went to get a storage unit. It would be one of our last suppers in Saga, and I wanted to eat it with people because—despite the occasional need for introvert-recharge time—I’m a social person who needs people. I asked Shawna (actually, I said, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it”) if she would keep people at dinner until Jennie, R-Duck, and I got back. Well, we wound up not getting back until around 6:15. I was so disappointed, but when I got to Saga, Christy was just getting there, and Shawna was still there will Kurt and Jen! I was so happy. It was fun. Thank you, Shawna for keeping people around and thanks people for staying! :-D I have wonderful friends!

Wednesday night, we (being a bunch of girls from the floor) watched The Phantom of the Opera. Oh, that is an awesome movie. Thursday, I didn’t have any finals!! Kermit the Frog yay! ::::waves arms around like a puppet while yelling, “Yay!!”::::: Thursday evening, lots of people were at supper for Saga’s (thankfully!) last meal. I got a bunch of people to sign my Autograph book. Then we had the funeral procession to carry Christy and Alisha’s micro-fridge to G2. That was funny. And then we went bowling! Bowling was so much fun! I took 45 pictures! And I bowled a 57 the second time. :::slaps face::: I’m out of practice. :-) Then we went to IHOP even though nobody really wanted IHOP, but we couldn’t think of where else to go, and I wanted to hang out more. I drew my second favorite IHOP picture!

Friday, we moved a bunch of stuff. I got so sore. We went to Whataburger for lunch. Shawna, Carolyn, and I rode in the back of Zoot’s pick-up. That was fun! Then we moved a bunch more stuff. I wound up sleeping for around 15 minutes on the floor of the hallway before dinner. Then I had to borrow Shawna and Rebecca’s shower because there was a fridge in mine. He he. Friday night, we watched Titan, A.E. in the brother floor lounge. I hadn’t seen that movie in forever. It was fun.
Yesterday (Saturday), I had planned to pack, but I wound up sleeping in. Then Carolyn, Jodie, and I went to get suite rings before we went to Amanda’s brother’s graduation picnic party. While there, we took suite and roommate (past, present, and future ;-) ) pictures. Then Jodie and I went to Wal-Mart and got REAL FOOD! I was so excited! Last night, Karen and I made The Dip (mostly Karen) and ate with our friends. Then Shawna, Rebecca, Jodie, a bunch of the guys, and I went to Chic-Fil-A. It was really fun. After that, I packed for a little (not much), and then helped Shawna and the guys move Shawna’s stuff to her car. After that, we decided to watch Napoleon Dynamite. Karen was right—it’s funnier the second time. It started out as Shawna, Bushey, Paul, and Zoot. Shawna and I were the only ones who had seen it. It was great! Zoot kept periodically checking Paul to make sure he was still alive. :-D Mike, Kurt, and Jennie came in (and probably some other people I don’t remember at this time). We watched some of the special features, and then got kicked out of the lounge when security came by—that means it was 2am by then. I hadn’t stayed up that late in a long time. We stood outside talking for awhile. Somebody found a can of grease and gave it to Shawna. She asked what she was supposed to do with it. I suggested lighting it on fire and watching it explode to which Paul responded, “Where do you learn all of this stuff?” Mike and one or two of the other guys went dumpster diving and came back with some ties. It was really fun. Eventually, we had to go to bed.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Ha ha, yes! I got punctuation and grammer right! I know I need work on vocabulary (but really, half the words I'd never even heard before) and spelling isn't my strong point (but how do you learn what's right when everybody spells it wrong?)

It's a good thing it didn't ask about the parts of speech--I was explaining Apples to Apples to someone last night. I picked up the green card and said, "these cards have--what do you call these words?"
"Adjectives," the other players supplied.
"Oh right," I said. "I'm an English major," and gave a sheepish grin.

Your English Skills:

Grammar: 100%

Punctuation: 100%

Spelling: 60%

Vocabulary: 60%