Friday, May 20, 2005

So I'm sitting at work and going crazy because it's Friday and I still have half an hour of work plus four and a half hours of class!! :::bangs head on desk:::: Oh well, at least I got the computer today. I need to ask about getting it so I can sign on under my name instead of borrowing somebody else's. Ooo, sounds like a book: Borrowing Someone Else's Name. Da da da! The main character, Tommy Shepherd, discovers that he isn't who he thought he was! In addition, his new identity is wanted for first class murder! Or murder in the First Class. That sounds like another book! Tommy Shepherd was riding along on the train, relishing his gift of First Class train tickets. Suddenly, the lights go out! the train car screeches! there is a hideous scream! Oh the tragedy of it all!! There was a murder! Tommy Shepherd gets the blame! Just before his conviction--oh, another book! Just Before Conviction--Tommy Shepherd is wrongfully blamed for the Murder in the First Class. Just before his conviction, a mystrious female lawyer/love interest busts Tommy out of prison! She wasn't really his lawyer, she's a bounty hunter, hired by the murdered victom's family (who believe Tommy Shepherd is innocent) to find their son's murderer (or was the victom a girl? I forget). In order to find out what really happened, the mysterious lawyer/bounty hunter/love interest needs Tommy's help! Back to Borrowing Someone Else's Identity--or was it Name?--whichever. Tommy has to assume a new identity in order to escape the FBE--I mean FBI, I'm not really trying to rename a government agency


And then it turns out that Tommy Shepherd's new identity was his real identity--he only thought he was Tommy Shepherd! And as it turns out, his new identity, Max Cable, is actually a serial killer who really did murder the murdered victom! Jana Suewellen (the laywer/ bounty hunter/ lover interest) is forced to work against her passionate love for Tommy Shepherd and has to arrest Max Cable to turn over to the murdered victim's family vengeful wrath!! Oh the HORROR!! In a fit of frenzied rage, Max KILLS Jana Suwellen! When he discovers what he has done, Tommy commits suicide and Max takes over his brain going on a vicious rampage where he murders seventy-two innocent victims before being brought to justice.

He he he, that was really fun. And random, I guess. Nobody can steal my wonderful plot idea or cool beyond cool names! They're MINE I tell you!! :-) Maybe I should go before I frighten my adoring public to death. He he.

Happy Friday!

Annie the Crazed from Working Nearly 8 Hours on the Switchboard and Having 4 and 1/2 Hours of Class to Look Forward to Tonight

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