Monday, September 20, 2004

Wearing different coloured socks is actually quite entertaining while walking to class. I didn't wear mis-matched socks on purpose. I had to get up at six this morning, so I got dressed in the dark. I forgot that I had just done laundry, so none of my socks were in pairs. I was just happy to find to of the same kind of sock, so I didn't much care about the colour. I drove to Marshall and back this morning. The drive was very beautiful. I should do that every morning--just kidding. I nearly fell asleep in all my classes except Spanish (because I had a test), and I did fall asleep in history. Oh well. I felt like Hornblower when he was on continuous watch. I couldn't stay awake for 36 hours no matter how hard I tried.

So anyway, the Freshman retreat was this weekend. I have a great advising group! We played Mafia for an hour and a half, nearly missing lunch! It was a whole lot of fun. The PAs got to ride in the PA van down to the camp ground. Then we had to unload the snacks. I had grabbed two boxes of six-pack cans of soda. Then I turned to go into the building. Since I was carrying these large boxes, I failed to notice the trailer hitch directly vertical with my shin. So, over the trailer hitch I tumbled, nearly caught myself, and then fell headlong into the nearby vending machine. I've that sort of thing to immediately stand up and assure everything that I was alright, if only a little embarrassed. Only one can of soda had broken! It was only a few minutes later that I noticed a slight damp spot on my jeans. Looking down, I saw with horror that my new jeans that I had bought especially since all my other jeans have holes in them now had a tear in the knee. Looking through the tear, I saw a red spot rather larger and redder than I had been expected. So, I went into the bathroom and cleaned the scrape as best I could. Unfortunately, no one had remembered to bring a first aide kit to camp, so cleaning it was all I could do. And I didn't think about the fact that I should change my jeans, so the tear rubbed the cut for the rest of the day, which I'm sure didn't help matters. I cleaned my cut again the next morning only to find yellow liquid leaking out. I didn't think anything of it (it was 7:30am on a Saturday--I doubt I was thinking at all). I finally got a band aide. That evening, I peered under the band aide and was surprised by my cut. I pealed the band aide off and asked, "Is it supposed to look like that?" The scrape was a greeny-blue and yellow with a white film over it. The skin around the cut was swollen and red, and it was still leaking yellow liquid. The pre-med majors replied, "No, it's not supposed to look like that. It's infected." Oh joy. So my knee is infected. It's almost better now. I went to see the nurse today (I couldn't yesterday because she's not in on Sundays) and she said, "it's not infected" and just told me to clean it. So, hopefully it will be okay.

So that's my life lately. Sort of. In brief. And I have rehearsal in half an hour, so I probably ought to do some homework. ::::drops dead::::: AMW