Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Six Words

So, my sister had this on her blog, and I thought it look interesting. So, describe me in six words.

Well, I had a good weekend . . . :-D

So, on Friday, a bunch of us went to the Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate Carolynkydink's birthday. After that, Carolyn, Kelly, Zoot, and I went to see Firewall with Harrison Ford. It wasn't too bad. I found it amusing that they had wireless access even in the middle of nowhere. Oh, they had cell reception, too. :-) After that, our floor had a Valentine's karioke party, which I had been looking forward to for more than a week, but I had a really bad headache, so I couldn't go. :-( But Paul was sweet and took care of me. I just lay on my bed with my eyes closed while he sat with me and read to me and put a warm washcloth on my head. I just fell asleep there at about 11pm. I woke around 5am and changed into my pajamas. Then I went back to bed until 11am.

Saturday, my headache went away. Between the asteriscs is girly stuff that boys (if any read this blog) might not find interesting--just to warn you. ;-) *I spent the majority of the day getting ready for symphony. I watched the latest "Gilmore Girls" while I ironed my dress and stuff like that. Around 4pm, Carolyn, Christy, Kendall, and I went over to Emily and Jacki's room to get ready (Kendall didn't go to symphony, but she came to help us out--awwww). We had a lot of fun and skipped dinner. Everybody was really nice since I'm not girl enough to know how to do my own hair and stuff. Well, I guess I'm girl enough; I'm just incompetant. ;-) So Kendall did my hair and nails for me and Christy and Emily helped with my makeup and they all gave me consultations on everything. Anyway, Carolyn and Jacki left early to go to dinner with their respective symphony dates. The rest of left around 6:20ish or so when all our dates arrived. We waited until all of them were there so that we could make a grand entrance:

Here's me and my date (my boyfriend), that pretty cool guy I know named Paul:

So, we got to symphony in time for part of the "Opening Notes" (Paul escorted me in :-D ) and then listened to symphony. Afterwards, we went to the reception at UT Tyler in Longview (a little, I know) because it was free ::::winkwinkdoublegrin:::::. Some guy from some magazine took our pictures while we ate as many snacks as we wanted because the lady told us to and because, in the words of Andy, "Hungry people go to LeTourneau." Plus, I still hadn't eaten dinner. In the car on the way back, Paul was his normaly goofy self:

Yeah, so, sometimes I wonder what I got myself into . . .

After we got back to campus, Emily and Christy came in Carolyn's and my room, and we watched Double Jepordy. Then we went to sleep.

Sunday I did homework and then Paul and I had dinner at his financial aide counselor's house. That was a lot of fun. We took turns playing halo with her son while simultanously watching 6 episodes of Monk. We were there until 11pm, so we had to scrape ice off the car before driving home (I was very careful on the drive home).

Yesterday, I got a lot of homework done, went to coffee with Lina in the afternoon, and finally watched another episode of "Alias" with my roommate Carolyn! Yay!

This weekend, Carolyn and I are going to visit our old roommate Amanda. On Sunday, the Singers have to sing in Tyler, and then I'm going to go see "The Importance of Being Earnest." After that, I think we have a presentation meeting. Next weekend, the Singers have to sing in Houston on Sunday. The Thursday after that, we're leaving for Spring Tour. I don't have a free weekend from now until the end of the semester except for maybe one . . . Dearie me . . .

Anyway, I need to go. I just finished reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin. It was very interesting and very sad. So now I should do some other homework before lunch. Ta ta for now! Hope you enjoyed this exceedingly long post. Three cheers for you if you got to the end without doing less than skimming. Until next time! ("Next time! NEXT TIME!!" [extra points if you know what that quote is from])


Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's That Week . . . You Know the One

So this is that one week that happens (at least) once every semester when you don't get any sleep and run on adreneline the entire time. I've been getting to sleep between 1 and 2 am every night and getting up between 6:30 and 7:10 am every morning. And I haven't been taking naps during the day except for 10 to 15 minute haps here and there when I can snatch them. And I've stayed awake in class and haven't dozed off while doing homework! I'm quite proud of myself, actually. :-P I think I'm finally getting a handle on all of this homework. I had my first Revelation test on Wednesday, and I'm almost caught up with Spanish stuff. And I finally finished reading Huckleberry Finn for American Lit. I really like that book. I thought it was very well done.

So I'm not the only one who has been stressed this week. Pretty much everyone I've talked to has been incredable stressed and often on the verge of tears. At least we all know what everyone else is going through. :-\ I've spent some just talking with Paul, even though I probably ought to have been doing homework. But you know, even though I didn't get as much homework done as I had intended, I actually always feel less stressed after hanging out with him. I'm so grateful for his friendship. And he's pretty romantical too. :::::winkwinkdoublegrin::::

Oh, one reason I've been stressed is because I've been trying extra hard to get my homework done early because I got behind last weekend and I don't want to have any homework this weekend because SHAWNA is HERE!!! Well, she's in Dallas right now, but she was here last weekend and she's coming again this weekend. Yay! Paul told me that I had a surprise for me that would happen sometime during the weekend. I didn't really know what on earth he meant. Friday night, I was down in the Q2 lounge hanging out with Paul, Jen, and Jesse while they practiced for their group presentation when Kyle came out and said Shawna was on the phone for me. Well, I knew that Shawna was gonna call on Saturday so that we could talk, so I was confused why she called Friday night. She said she really needed to talk with me (I was a little worried) and asked if she could call me in my room since I couldn't hear her on Kyle's phone. So I went up to room to find Rebecca, Polly, and Kate camped in front of my door. I thought that was curious. I had to use the bathroom before Shawna called, but it was locked from the otherside. Well, I don't have suitemates, so I had no idea who would have locked it, but I picked the lock and went to put my keys away. When I turned around, there was someone in the bathroom and lo and behold!! it was Shawna!!!! I was soooooo happy! I had so much fun with her. I miss her so much. She's such a good friend. I love her. :-D She even did the dinner call for us.

Well, Paul is coming at nine, and I need to get my homework done for this weekend, so I'd better get to it. This weekly update in the life of Annie is brought to you by The Great Klutz and Apple Sauce, Inc. Tune in next week to find out more exciting episodes from


P.S. It's our fourth weekiversary! On Sunday, we'll have been going out for a month! (that's Paul and I, don't you know)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Rainy Day

Well, it's Friday again. Yay! I'm still getting over that cold, but I mostly feel fine now. It's a dark and cloudy day, but I kind of like it. It's nice.

I'm so tired of school. I've been doing really badly on getting my homework done lately because I just don't want to do it. But I need to work on it and do well. Paul is working so hard on his homework. I need to follow his example and get mine done. I think I will be ready to graduate when the time comes. But I'm still enjoying my time here. :-D

Last night, Paul came over to my room and let me play him a couple of songs on the guitar (I played him my three favorite guitar songs). Then he let me show him all my story notes and read him a section of my story (which was even worse than I remember--great, here comes redrafting for the fourth stinkin' time). He's so cool. He didn't just let me show him that stuff, he was actually interested in seeing it. :-D

Well, it's about time for chapel, so I think I'll go. I made a new cloudy day/random playlist which I'm listening to right now. It goes like this:

  • "The Chronicles of Life and Death" by Good Charlotte
  • "The Celts" by Enya
  • "I Will Follow You into the Dark" by Deathcab
  • "Learn to be Lonely" from The Phantom of the Opera (movie)
  • "At the Beginning" from Anastasia
  • "Spill" by Showoff
  • "The Prayer" from Quest for Camelot (the credit version sung by Andrea Bocelli)
  • "Unglued" by Tait
  • "Brazzle Dazzle Day" from Pete's Dragon
  • "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkle

You really didn't need to know all that, but I felt like typing it out. I like my playlist. Anyway, time for chapel! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


P.S. Sorry I haven't been checking your blogs like I should. Despite the fact that I've been trying to ignore homework :-\, I haven't really had a lot of free time for blog checking. Maybe this weekend. I love you friends!