Thursday, August 09, 2007

Life is Good :-D

Wohoo!!!! I'm married to the love of my life! And my best friend. And the awesomest man in the world. And the perfect man for me. And the hottest guy around. And I'm only married to one man!!! Incredable, huh?

The wedding went so well! My only regret is that the reception didn't last longer and that not all of my songs played. I wanted to keep dancing with my friends. I know that it could be years before I see some of them again, so I hated to leave, but Paul was really sweet and understood. However, once we left, I was just so happy and excited to be with the man I love.

People keep asking me how married life is (or, as my mom says, "What's it like, now that you're an old married woman?"). So far--it's great! I am thoroughly enjoying being married, and I'm really excited to set up our new apartment this weekend. My only concern is job stuff. For one thing, I'd rather stay home to write, cook, and clean than have a normal job (that's just my personality), but for another, I'm hoping they still need me! They offered me a job, and I accepted, but that was a couple of weeks ago and we didn't sign any papers or anything. Training starts next Tuesday, so I'm hoping they get back to me saying, "Oh yeah, you're still hired." So be praying!

Anyway, I should probably be at DPS right now getting my liscence changed or I should be at Payless buying new business shoes. Or I should be curled up in a corner somewhere reading the last few chapters of Harry Potter. It's so intense!!!!! And THEY ALL DIE!!!!!! I'm just kidding. I haven't finished it yet, so I don't know if they all die or not. I kind of doubt they do. Anyway, I don't want to spoil it. Okay. I guess I'm off to zanzabar to meet the zanzabarbarians!

P.S. If anyone who still regularly updates xanga would comment on this post, that would help me know which blogs to read. And if you have a different blog that you regularly (or semi-regulrarly) update, let me know. Now that my friends really live all over the place (now that we're graduated), I'm going to try REALLY hard to keep up with blogs and facebook and e-mail and things. Having no homework will help as well. Annnnnyway, this is the Princess Leia Organa Skywalker soon-to-be Solo, signing off.

**End Transmission**
(that's a tribute to Sarah)