Friday, May 25, 2007

I have a wedding to plan, my wife to murder, and Gildor to frame for it. I'm swamped!

Get your rest. If you haven't got that, you haven't got anything.

Dear all,

Well, I didn't write on xanga much this year because I honestly was far too busy. It feels so good to be finally done with school. And I think that my creativity is coming back, slowly but surely. I've already written one song and come up with one new story idea. That's nothing compared the 20-something ideas I used to come up with in a year, but since I started college, the number has been zippo, so one is good.

Let's see, recap of this year: Classes were okay, worked 8-10 hours a week first semester (and around 2 second semester :-\ ), shared an apartment with three friends, apartment dinner once a week, Thursday night Alias (we watched all five seasons in three semesters), wedding planning, forbidden to wedding plan, practicing piano 4 hours a week for friends wedding, internship freakout, finished internship, Going to ENGLAND!!!!, not going to england . . ., Shawna visited, Shawna visited again!, Shawna visited again!!, 5 bridal showers in one semester, 7 weddings in a year, hysterics--school is evil!, happy times--I like school, graduating, walking across the stage, I HAVE MY DIPLOMA! Oh wait, that's just the case for the diploma, hurriedly snap pictures, run to turn in gown, THEN I get my diploma, clean, clean, clean the apartment, go to bed at 4am, spend Sunday asleep and eating, rehearsal dinner at Papacita's, wedding, played four songs for said wedding, drove six hours home with no one to talk to but Fer 'n' Gully my new pet ivy, get home, sleep, wake up, drive to Corpus, mother's day lunch, come back, crash, brother's graduation!, wedding planning, wedding planning, wedding planning, wedding planning . . . .

And that's this past year in my discombobulated thoughts with emphasis on more recent events. I hope that you enjoyed. Currently, I am trying to relax without forgetting to plan my wedding, apply to grad school, and try to find a job. :-\ Do I have to? I'm ready for the wedding to just happen and end so that I go hang out on the beach. Ha ha. I need a vacation . . . .