Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Last Packet is DONE!

Well, I just mailed my last packet for the semester. Yay! Now all I have left are my end of semester evaluations, which I've already got halfway done. I don't get a real break from school the way I did in college, but I'm going to give myself a little break. I deserve it!

My plans are to crochet and sew the projects I've been working on or need to work on. I'm also going to read for fun (I've already started that one). I'd like to work on my web design a little. Oh, and I need to finish Christmas letter/cards. I'm not sure how well the cards will work, but I'm going to try an e-mail newsletter. I've probably already got you on the list, but if you think I don't have your e-mail address and you'd like a newsletter, let me know.

I am planning to prepare a little for next semester. I was not prepared for this semester at all, and that made the semester a lot harder than it had to be. I'm trying to finish the novel I want to work on next semester. I've already got a reading list ready, and I've been trying to figure which mentors are best suited for my style of learning. Oh, and in a couple of weeks, I'll get my workshop book. I wonder who my workshop leaders will be? Workshop was AWESOME this summer, so I'm excited.

Karen and Dave and Dave's parents visited this past weekend, with their cats. We had a lot of fun. As Dad said though, I need a vacation from food! We had salmon, fajitas, ham, and Mexican food. Oh, and doughnuts. Llyan wasn't too fond of her nephews, but they started to get along toward the end. Llyan even rubbed heads with them. I thought she'd miss them when they're gone, but no. She's extatic to have her house and people all to herself again.

Harry is coming home in a couple of weeks, and I am so excited. I've missed him. Karen and Dave are coming back then, too, and we're going to have Christmas together. I'm really happy.

That's probably a long enough update for now. Have a good holiday season, and don't forget why we have Christmas in the first place.

P.S. In answer to Lina, the residency is about 10 days long. I'll have to post some picks of the hats and scarves I made to take with me!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Late Thanksgiving, not Happy Turkey Day. Goodness, no wonder America is obese. Instead of thanking God for food and shelter and another year, we thank the turkey ‘cause we’re hungry. :::shivers:::

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s December, can you? Another year gone by! This has been a rough semester. Let’s just say that LETU spoiled me. :-D I am looking forward to next semester though. I think I’ve got a better handle on writing and grad school. I got a new winter coat for my January residency (er, and it just went on sale! Don’t you hate it when that happens?) It’s a really nice coat! I got the brown. And today, I just ordered some snow boots. Paul called his brother to get advice.

Karen and Dave are coming to visit on Thursday! Yay! I’m really excited. They’re bringing Dave’s parents and their cats. :-D

Yesterday at work, I kept a tally of all the Christmas songs they played. I can’t find the paper I wrote it on, but the count went something like this:

  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland 6
  • Santa Clause is Coming to Town 5
  • Frosty the Snowman 4
  • Let It Snow 4
  • Jingle Bells 3
  • Jingle Bell Rock 3

Yes, I am sick of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.