Monday, July 25, 2005

Commentary on The Archives of Anthropos and 34 pages

I finished The Dark Lord's Demise yesterday. It was pretty good. But it was one of those where everybody's a bad guy, so you can't trust anybody, so my mind says, "AHHHHH!" He he. I think I like the first four books the best. I've decided that my favorite is Gaal the Conqueror, which is odd for me since I almost always like the first in a series the best (although my sister pointed out that I did like The Two Towers best). I do still love The Tower of Geburah though. Once I got over the initial shock of, "Oh my, these were written for kids!" and got past the books I'd read a million times so practically knew by heart, I really enjoyed them. I used to not like The Sword Bearer, but I liked it this time. I like the whole idea of The Changer and the Mystery of Abomination. It's pretty cool. Plus, adults can go to Anthropos whilst you get too old for Narnia (which is entirely unfair). I only have two things I really disliked about The Archives of Anthropos: we never got to find out about Uncle John's other adventures, and the lack of consistence. The main characters stay approximately the same age through the whole series, but they go through about three decades. It's like The Hardy Boys. They (not the Hardy Boys) start out in seventies cloths and a few months later in the books mention a movie copywrite '93, even though mathmatically, the book should have taken place in 69 in order for one character to be the age he was. Ha ha. Amusing. Maybe I'm just the only one who notices things like that, but that would explain my large folder of notes on my story in order to keep everything consistant. Speaking of writing . . .

I beat my record! Well, at least any known record. I did 34 pages in one day!!! That's nearly 7 hours worth of writing, and boy do I believe it! Of course, the next day I only wrote two pages, but I made up for that by writing 12 at midnight last night. I got to the awesome emotionally charged climatic part! Oh, I think I already talked about that. ::::checks:::: Yeah, I did. Anyway, so I've just got the storm, the invasion, and the vanishing act left to go. Yippee! My poor character doesn't know whether to be devistated or excited right now, not that he has much time for emotion at the end of the novel. Ooooo, I'm so excited. And I'm glad I got rejected because I'm going to go change some stuff in the first book. Just little stuff, like adding references to events here and there. I also think I'll rewrite the first chapter and make it more hooking. Oh, and I'm going to give the book a continuitous plotline. He he.

So that was long, drawn out, and probably entirely unreadable. I need to start writing in my journal again so that I stop boring my avid blog readers . . .

Friday, July 22, 2005

Heart Attacks

Watching Gargoyles. I hope they put the second season out on DVD. I like this show. When I was little, it was a little dark, but it’s cool.

So, I had another missed-my-classes-during-the-first-week-of-the-semester dream. Stink. I don’t like those dreams. Although, this one was better because it turned out my clock was wrong, so I hadn’t missed class. And then it turned out that it was Tuesday, not Monday, so I didn’t actually have class until four that afternoon. So it wasn’t so bad. Did I mention my dream the other night where I was sword fighting but I kept loosing because I was short? That was amusing. I got so fed up I started crying until the Jesus character from the allegorical book I’m reading gave me leg and arm extensions so that I could fight. It was funny. ;-)

Deep contented (and exhausted) sigh. 17 pages. In one morning. Lately, my quota for each day has been no more than 15 pages accept for yesterday which had a record 25 pages. I’m talking about my book, by the way. I haven’t measured in awhile, but my average is generally 5 pages an hour. We’re talking notebook pages, handwritten. I finally got to the part I’ve been wanting to get to for years! Yay for climatic parts! I got so worked up about it that I actually felt as nervous as the main character, sort of cold and nauseas, heart pounding. It was awesome. Although I’ve decided that I probably shouldn’t continue my writing career into my old age or I might die of a heart attack at the climatic point. I’m still not done with this climax by the way. And I’ve got two more climaxes to go, and then I’m done with the book!! Oh excitement! Oh pure joy! Anyway, I should probably go clean the kitchen. Poor Mom is stressed about the homeschool round-up next weekend. If you think of it, pray for her! Oh, and I finished Quest for the King this morning, so now I can start reading the last in the Archives of Anthropos book The Dark Lord’s Demise, which I haven’t read yet. Right, kitchen time. Woohoo. And then back to epic novel writing. :-D Until next time, may you not die of a heart attack while reading my book.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


So it turns out that my foot was actually hurt a lot worse than I thought. I had been walking around on it like normal just wearing a brace when it started to hurt after a week. I looked down and noticed that my entire foot was somewhat green. Yeah, a pretty bad bruise. So I've been keeping off it for the most part. Which sort of stinks because I just figured out two new songs on the piano and I have to keep playing them in order to remember them, but I can't use the pedal with right foot.

I got to see a lot of friends this past week. First of all, I got to hang out with Sarah (who I don't see very much because of school even though we live in the same city). That was loads of fun 'cause I hadn't seen her since I first got back from school. We hung out at Barnes and Noble for awhile and then she came and watched Hide and Seek which wasn't too R-ey even though it was rated R (I mean it was violent, but there wasn't a whole lot of cussing or other objectionable material) and was pretty good as far as suspense horror goes. But it was really fun to watch it with Sarah (I'd already seen it). Then on Thursday, my sister, her fiancee, and I went to the Quarry and hung out with my two cousins Tiff and Liz (who actually live in my city now, but also whom I hadn't seen in forever) and one of my really old friends, Amanda. I mean, she's not that old, just a couple years older than me, but we've been friends for a long time. I hadn't seen her in forever either, so that was a lot of fun. I hadn't realized how much I missed their kind of silly and crazy. It was very refreshing. Then on Friday, Holly from the Valley called because she and her mom had to take an emergency trip to our city and asked if they could stay at our house. They got here after supper, and so Holly got to come with us on our traditional something-came-out-at-midnight trip to Wal-Mart and Krispy Kreme to get the newest Harry Potter book. Then Holly and I talked for a really long time, and it was a really good talk, too. I told her some stuff that I hope will help when she goes to college, and she gave me some really good advice. Oh, and I did get to see my other friend from here, Shayla the week before last. That was fun. We went to the mall and did girly my-sister’s-getting-married stuff. My friend Audrey will hopefully be visiting in August, so that would be awesome. Lina won’t get to visit this summer, so that’s not fun, but at least I’ll get to see her in the fall.

So, I guess this has been a pretty nice summer. And I’m almost done with the Archives of Anthropos. I’m about a third of the way done with Quest for the King. And then on to the last book, which I haven’t read before. After that, I’ve got some good Vesper Holly books to read (love those exploding sausages!). Also, I’m getting along nicely with the book I’m writing. Having to stay off one’s feet does have an upside. :-) Anyway, off for now!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Voice of Aslan and other tidbits

A few bits of news. Not really. For one thing, I've heard it rumored that Liam Neeson will be the voice of Aslan in the new The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe movie. It hasn't been confirmed yet, so who knows. I suppose it's as good a choice as any if it's true. I still think James Earl Jones would have been a good choice if he wasn't already Mufasa. ;-) Check out this link if you want to read the rumor: The Voice of Aslan at last?
In other news, my foot still hurts. It seems to have gotten worse as time went on. That stinks. To high heaven.
In other, other news, I finally just skipped two months of my story so I could get to the interesting stuff again. I wrote something along the lines of: "And then there were a bunch of battles, it was the same old, same old, again, and two months passed." I figure, if I'm tired of battles, the reader must be almost as tired of them. So I decided to make it as brief as possible. I really like the character I just introduced. He's different than the other characters. He almost seems to have more--er, more--what's the word? Nobility? Moral character? Charm? He he. He's cool. But I had to kill someone off again. I hadn't killed anyone for, it must have been more than 20 chapters. It's terribly sad though. :::sigh::: They die so young.
I suppose that's all. I'm looking forward going back to school and seeing friends. I'm not looking forward to homework, and I'm dreading Saga food. Dear me, dear me--just the thought of it makes me sick.
Oh, and comment on what you think about Liam Neeson for the voice of Aslan! Other people who supposedly auditioned for the part were Jason Isaacs, Timothy Dalton, Sean Bean, Gerard Butler, Ian McKellen, and Ralph Fiennes. The original Aslan was Brian Cox. All of these actors have been villains at one time or another: (don't read if you don't want spoilers; some villains aren't revealed til the end) Brian Cox--Bourne Identity (or Supremacy --can't remember which); Jason Isaacs--Harry Potter; Timothy Dalton--The Rocketeer; Sean Bean--James Bond, National Treasure, and Lord of the Rings doesn't count; Gerard Butler--The Phantom of the Opera; Ian McKellen--X-Men; Ralph Fiennes--Harry Potter; Liam Neeson--Batman Begins; and even James Earl Jones was Darth Vader. Anyway, that was longer than it needed to be. Until later!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Creative Geniusy

I don't really have much to say, but here it is anyway. Ooo, I ryhmed. I'm reading a good book right now called Gaal the Conquerer. I like it. You should read it (and ignore the blatant typos and slightly confusing writing--it's not as bad as The Sword of Shannara, I promise :::wink wink::::). Oh oh, I'm excited because I wrote a song the other night, which hasn't happened in awhile. And it's a happy song, which also hasn't happened in awhile (my last two songs were about hopelessly trying to make someone proud and trying to get away from a manipulative control freak--sheesh, what's going on in my mind? ;-) ). And I figured it out on the piano, and it's a love song which has nothing to do with anybody I know; it's just a fun song. Ah, the wonderful flow of creative genius. I've been debating creating a seperate blog for writing stuff, but that would pretty much serve no purpose since I don't post things I write because I'm paranoid about my work. :::wink wink::: Anyway, I gotta go make a phone call before we go to the library. Until then!

Anne the Creatvie Genius

P.S. Plus I figured out how to add titles to my entries. And blogger is so much cooler than xanga 'cause you can edit the html. Yay blogger!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well, today, I was walking along the edge of the pool and stepped off, not remembering how far down it was, apparently. I landed pretty bad on my ankle, and wow did it hurt. I've got a brace on it now, and so it hurts less than sprained ankles normally do. It was an interesting experience. Then we went and saw Batman Begins. I really like it. It was definately a good movie. So, Carolyn, I guess I won't boycott you for saying it was better than Spiderman. :-D I don't know that I would compare it to Spiderman. They were very different. This Batman was definately better than the other Batman movies. It was very interesting. I couldn't figure out which decade it was supposed to take place in. In case I haven't used asteriscs on this site before, comments between asterics generally mean "don't read comment between asterics unless you have seen or read the movie or story in question." That said, *I had forgotten about the Scarecrow! Sheesh, creepy badguy. He killed Batgirl one time. I never got to see the end of the episode, so I never found out how she came back to life. Oh well.* Anyway, enough random entires. Oh wait, not done being random yet. So, last night I dreamed that I was back at school and (I always have these dreams before every semester) I missed my first Digital Writing class 'cause it was at 4pm on Tuesday, which is random. And I didn't have any time to eat supper. And I had a test the second class period in one class. And then, there were pirates or something. And aliens, or something. And then something. Anyway, it was another weird dream. Those dreams . . . . Okay, now I'm done being random. :-)

This update in the boring, yet interesting (depending on who you are) life of Annie was brought to you by--well, Annie
Until next time, "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit--Crime does not pay. The Shadow knows. Muahahahahahaha"