Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Well, I'm sitting in my English Final, waiting for it to begin. I've three 9:45 tests the past three days, so I guess I was still in my '45' mentality. I accidently got here twenty minutes early and then wondered why the test wasn't starting. When I finally figured it out, I decided to take a brief nap. Then I woke up and here I am. Laptop keyboards are so much nicer (no offense to this computer).
So, this is my second to last final. Tomorrow morning at 7:30 is my last final: Algebra. It shouldn't be too bad. I hope anyway. I'm not going to study too much. Why? Because I'm sick of studying.
I decided that languages should die, and now everyone should speak Klingon. (Spanish and English finals were both today, and both were my hardest tests.) After I said that, I was studying for my English final and came across some notes about the Klingon translation of the Bible. Hmmm. That should be interesting. "Those of you who say ::::spit spit spit spit:::: are accountable to law, but I say that anyone who says 'you fool' . . . ." etc. Yes, very interesting indeed. Too bad nobody will be able to read it.
Warf: I will be able to read it!
Me: Good heavens! Where did you come from?
Warf: The Enterprise.
Me: I thought you didn't exist!
Warf: We don't. ::::wink:::: We had to travel back in time to rescue ::::whisper whipser whisper:::: and since you seem to know about Klingon, we decided to solicit you're help!
Me: You've got a pretty good English vocabulary for a Klingon.
Warf: Why thank you.
Me: Well, I'd love to help you, and I'd especially love missing my final, but I can't if I want a good grade.
Warf: We can take care of that. Afterall, we just traveled back in time.
Me: Good point.
::::time lapse of 1 second:::::
Me: Wow!! That was the most coolest experience I've ever had! Too bad I still have to take my final. I wonder where Dr. Watson is? Did we somehow mess up time? Did we interrupt the time space continuem? Did we ruin the Prime Directive?? I knew we should have duct taped Picard when we threw him in that closet . . . .

Hmm, if Dr. Watson doesn't get here soon . . . . Maybe we should just all write our essays and then go. I don't really want to write my essay, but I need a good grade. Can we just get hundreds or something? Maybe he'll reweight the grades without the final. . . . Maybe I should go before this post gets too long. Oh, someone said Dr. Watson is on his way. Okay, so short my wonderful audience! Maybe I'll tell you about my time experiences later, but I think that would mess up the Temperal Directive.

Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm dying! Ahhhhh!!!!!! I mean, I'm sick. I don't feel so good. Well, I feel fine mentally and emotionally, but I can't breath, I keep coughing and sneezing, and I'm a little "woohoo" or out-of-it, in other words. I carried a box of Kleenexes (with Aladdin characters on the box!) with me to all my classes this morning. It was kind of funny. I was sitting in the hall waiting for my second class. I had a thermos of tea (I have a thermos, a nice thermos, won't you share my thermos), a box of Kleenexes, and a book. And I was snifling with a scarf around my neck. Joy. By the way, I don't think Holly reads this, but I've been wearing the scarf she made me all the time. I love it. Back to my post. What was I saying? This is a good CD (Relient K). Oh, so, I've got vapor rub on my chest, so I probably smell funny, but I don't care because it helps. It seems like the more I toss and turn during the night, the better hair day I have. I didn't sleep well last night. Poor Jodie, she probably didn't either, due to all my coughing, moaning, and blowing my dose. For Spanish class today we're going to go eat lunch at a Mexican Food resteraunt! Yay! I really love this CD. So, um, oh yeah! It's the last day of classes! I only have two more classes, one of them being the Spanish meal. I wish finals didn't exist. Cause I don't want to do anything except laze around. Oh, tonight is our floor Christmas party. Yay! And tomorrow is our brother floor Christmas party. Yay again! I think I'm not going to get too much studying done. I'm so out of it and sleepy. Anyway, I should probably stop rambling and sleep or something.

A Poem By Me not to be used without specific written permision from the author! (that's me)
I never thought this day would come
When all my classes would be done
Now that it's here I can't believe
In just one week I can leave
Maybe when the sun goes down again
I will have the time to sleep in
And maybe when the bell clock chimes
I can say "the next five minutes are still mine"
Wouldn't it be nice?
~~Anne M. W.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Here I am again. Mmmmmmm. Catch me if you can. Mmmmmmm. Better get a move on. Mmmmmmm. Finals week is coming real soon.

Wahahahahah! Sob, sniffle, snort, tear. I don't feel so good. I didn't sleep well Saturday night (cause I was sleeping on the floor in a freezing room) and I didn't sleep well last night (cause it was hot and some wrong number called at 2:45 in the A M!). And I woke up this morning with my throat hurting (I think I scratched it on the sausage I choked on last night) and my tummy hurts, and I'm tired, (but not sleepy). Suffice it to say, the dead exhausted "Dead Away Messages" are going up. I'm not morbid, I'm just ready for the semester to be over. Don't be scared if you read my away messages. They are just quotes talking about being dead, because I'm dead tired. There's a man on the hall. Oh joy. Whoopdeedi. I should be reading for Bible, but I'm not. I don't even really care about finals. Nothing matters now, let them come. "We'll kill the Beast!" BANG "We'll kill the Beast!" BANG!
Lord of the Rings Return of the King comes out a week from tomorrow. Yay!

Well, that's about all. Read away. Away, away, away. Maybe in [12] days. Oh-oh-oh. Feels so right! Darkness fades away. Something something. I've got so much to say. Feels so right! Da dee da, da dee da da, over and over again. (That was a mix of two songs, I forgot the title of the first by The Passage, and the second was "After the Rain" from "Songs for Luca" and by "Karnataca" or something like that.) Oh oh! A poem by John White (as remembered by me) from The Tower of Geburah:
Blue light is true light
Conquering even the darkness of night
Guiding my footsteps from up on the wall
Leading me, leading me onward toward Gaal

Good book. Anyway, class time. Bye!
Sammie G.

Friday, November 19, 2004

He he, so maybe I should update just a leeetle more often. But that's okay because nobody reads it anyway. He he he he. So, I found out the the EFE member in my Algebra class might actually be a good guy, working to counter the Evil EFE. Which is oxymoronic, but that's okay. It gets the point across. Those in my history class have been becoming more brazen and bold about their takeover plan. They practically brag about it in class. Maybe, they will slip and we can catch them! Ha ha ha ha!! Wait, I'm the good guy, I'm not supposed to laugh! We usually walk hand and hand into the sunset--like this. :)

So yesterday was Shawna's birthday. We went to Whataburger which was--
TLM: What happened to stealing people's identity online?
Me: Sh, be quiet. You don't know about this stuff, recuarde?
TLM: What?
Me: Nevermind.
So we went to Whataburger which was fun and then Shawna and I ran around in our cloaks. After that, we wound up talking for two and a half hours. Yeah, so I didn't get to bed until four, meaning I got three hours of sleep.
TLM: Then why are you "blogging" instead of taking a nap.
Me: Oh I'm not tired anymore. And stop interrupting.

Did I ever tell you about the time I came into the room and Shewan Khan was clutching the Time Elf Bell? Yeah, I think he's trying to get more time so that he can conquer the world. But if the Time Elf works for Khan when he never gives me anymore time, I'll be upset.

I'm reading a book right now called The Sword of Shannara. It's pretty cool so far, except that the author has so many stinking FBPs and he never calls the characters by their names. It's driving me crazy! 'The hand moved to wipe away the hair from the eyes of the face. The countryman looked up at the citydweller. Kurt smiled and reached the hand to shake the extended hand. Brad shook the cold grey hand of the citydweller. The countryman waited and laughed.' I mean, it's probably not as bad as all that, but it's still driving me nuts. Especially since it seems like a pretty cool story!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!
TLM: Don't get so excited, just say what you mean.
Me: Will you quit it and leave me alone?
TLM: Okay. :::jumps out window::::
Me: No wait! TLM, I didn't mean it!
TLM: What what?
Me: How are you doing that?
TLM: It's a magic carpet. You don't wanna go for a ride, do you?
Me: Is it safe?
TLM: Sure. Do you trust me?
Me: What?
TLM: Do you trust me?
Me: NO! :::pushes TLM out the window::: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
TLM: Hey, that's not how it went!
Me: I know. Now what was I excited about? (blogging is dangerous because I can type so much faster than I can write so I can fit a whole lot more here than in a journal entry)

Oh I know, so I think I finally figured out the ending of my book! It's sooooo exciting! And the main character has a purpose and there's a reason that he's special and it rocks the earth and sky! So, what is this ending that I finally came up with after 4 years? Well, I can't tell you. That would spoil the ending!!! ::::I grin mischeviously::::

TLM: I still think you're spelling it wrong.
Me: Oh what do you know? Hey, are you and C.W. gonna bet on my spelling again? That was funny.
TLM: Hey, how come Day gets dots in his name?
Me: You can't call him Day, you have to call him C.W. or you'll confuse my readers.
TLM: But I still want to know why he gets dots!
Me: Watch it kid or you're gonna find yourself floating home.
TLM: Yeah? Then who's gonna fly the ship? You?
Me: You bet I could! I'm not such a bad pilot myself! We don't have to sit here and listen to this--
TLM: You are a quote vending machine.
Me: I know. :::pause::: Ooo, I'm cold. Isn't it nice? Um, anyway, I should probably go get back to whatever I should be doing but am not. This is Princess Leia Organa Skywalker soon to be Solo, signing off
(TLM: See what I mean?)


Friday, October 29, 2004

Yo tengo mucha excited porque es viernes. Yo no hablo espanol muy bueno. Hablar espanol es muy fun. Yo no spell en espanol may bueno tambien. :) Oh well, at least I'm having fun. Guess what? It's Friday! Yipee! And as usual, I have nothing to say, but I might as well say it anyway because that's cool. NOTHING! Muahahahahaha!!!!

So, I just discovered the mass conpiracy of the Evil Freshman Elite. Okay, so I didn't discover the actual conspiracy, but I discovered that there is a conspiracy. The EFE are infiltrating every area of campus life in order to facilitate a mass takeover by the video-game generation. Da da da! Several of the culprits attend my Algebra and American History classes. I have a feeling the EFE is being aided and abeded by some of the faculty, namely Those Who Wish to Remain Anonymous! T2WTRA are spending their valuable time and money (as well as cool professor know-how) to help EFE attain their mass take-over conspiracy. Everyone, be forewarned!!

Isn't life fun? "Life isn't complete without a good conspiracy." ~~ Mulder. Okay, so he didn't actually say that, but it sounds like something he would say. I girn broadly.
TLM: What's a girn?
I start in surprise.
Me: TLM! What are you doing here?"
TLM: Why are you writing TLM instead of ::::BEEP:::::?
Me: Shhh!!!!! You have to remain anonymous online so that people don't steel your identity, didn't you know that?
TLM: Uh . . . .
Me: For someone from the future, you're pretty technologically iliterate.
TLM: Hey, I can fly a space ship. Better than SOME people I know.
Me: Shh!!!!! We're not supposed to talk about that! And I can fly! I just can't land . . .
TLM: Right. Well at least I never crashed a motorcycle!
Me: Hey, I only did that once! . . . Plus some.
TLM: Sure . . .
Me: Wow, now I feel lazy for not getting out my journal to write, because this is journal material, not blog material. Oh well, it's fun.
TLM: Yeah, if this was your journal you could actually write my name instead TLM.
Me: I could make up a name for you. (I grin mishceviosly) (TLM: You have terrible spelling Me: Shh!!! You're interupting my dramatic moment!) (I grin mischeviously) Car--
TLM: ARGH!!!!!!!

Shewan Khan and Leo-the Lolipop Man: An all out brawl ensues ending with TLM tossing Me out the window--say her name, not Me, that's confusing--didn't you read what she said about identity theft?--it's still confusing--escuse me, who is writing this message? Who is the world conquerer here?--Oh sure, Mr. I-Very-Nearly-Conquered-the-World-Sixty-Years-Ago gets to do everything--Shut up, you're just a little man in a cheesy suit--
Me: Guys!! What are you doing?? This is MY blog!
Shewan Khan: Not anymore! I have taken over your computer! I am now the official dictator of the country of SamtheComputer!
Me: :::::shoves Khan in a drawer:::: Oh yeah? Dictate this. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah---nevermind, I don't remember. Man, I get lost in all these things. Anyway, I'd better go uncover more of the EFE and T2WTRA conspiracy. This is secret agent With A Mission, signing off.


P.S. This episode of craziness in dorm 5-12-8 has been brought to you by The Klutz Comedy Hour, Inc. Copywrite Apple Sauce Inclusive 2004, All Rights Reserved. Please join us next time for "Khan Rules the World" or "Danger in Algebra 1203." ~~Sammie G.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The sun is shining, the ice is slippery, and I was watching TV. There came a knock, a knock, a knock upon the door. When I answered it, there was this fellow in a blue and red jumpsuit type thing and a mask standing there. He said, "Quick! Can I use your window??" Well, I get this a lot, so I said sure, wondering why no one had yelled 'man on the floor.' So this suited fellow ran to my window opened it, and this white sticky stuff shot from his hand and landed on Gilbert roof. So then this guy the white sticky stuff to swing out the window and land on Gilbert. Then he jumped to Thomas. I have a suspicion that he was chasing a black-suited stalker who's been haunting the campus lately driving a green SUV.
Well there's a little excitement for your life. I mean my life. So, it's Sunday afternoon, the kids are in the middle of training, I'm about to get to a battle scene with one of the most coolest (literally and figuratively) and complex villains--so yeah, I would much rather write than do homework. But, as I can't justify writing, I thought I'd say a few words here for all you people who read my blog.
I went to a Celtic concert last night. It rocked. Well, it fiddled, more technically. It wasn't the Beyond the Pale that I was thinking of, but it was still cool. And I got to go for free, so rock on--er, fiddle on. It was neat to see someone playing the tin whistle, Irish flute, and bodhran--er bohdran--er GASTON! Um, I guess I am a little random.
My floor is so awesome. I love the girls up here. They are so much fun to hang out with. And our brother floor is cool, too! I've forgiven them for not escorting us to Communion. Wink wink double grin.
I was going to say something else. Daw gown it. Dash gum it. Dosh it. And other expressions of frustration, excluding the profane. Oh I remember. Never mind.
So, everybody on my floor keeps telling me how I'm always in story mode. I guess that's true, and I think it's awesome. So, I'd better get to my homework. Talk to all you awesome anonymous nobodies out there who read my blog!
Sammie G.

P.S. I wonder if I'm the only weirdo out there who proofreads my blog a million times to make sure I'm using proper grammar and such before sticking it on my site . . .

Monday, September 20, 2004

Wearing different coloured socks is actually quite entertaining while walking to class. I didn't wear mis-matched socks on purpose. I had to get up at six this morning, so I got dressed in the dark. I forgot that I had just done laundry, so none of my socks were in pairs. I was just happy to find to of the same kind of sock, so I didn't much care about the colour. I drove to Marshall and back this morning. The drive was very beautiful. I should do that every morning--just kidding. I nearly fell asleep in all my classes except Spanish (because I had a test), and I did fall asleep in history. Oh well. I felt like Hornblower when he was on continuous watch. I couldn't stay awake for 36 hours no matter how hard I tried.

So anyway, the Freshman retreat was this weekend. I have a great advising group! We played Mafia for an hour and a half, nearly missing lunch! It was a whole lot of fun. The PAs got to ride in the PA van down to the camp ground. Then we had to unload the snacks. I had grabbed two boxes of six-pack cans of soda. Then I turned to go into the building. Since I was carrying these large boxes, I failed to notice the trailer hitch directly vertical with my shin. So, over the trailer hitch I tumbled, nearly caught myself, and then fell headlong into the nearby vending machine. I've that sort of thing to immediately stand up and assure everything that I was alright, if only a little embarrassed. Only one can of soda had broken! It was only a few minutes later that I noticed a slight damp spot on my jeans. Looking down, I saw with horror that my new jeans that I had bought especially since all my other jeans have holes in them now had a tear in the knee. Looking through the tear, I saw a red spot rather larger and redder than I had been expected. So, I went into the bathroom and cleaned the scrape as best I could. Unfortunately, no one had remembered to bring a first aide kit to camp, so cleaning it was all I could do. And I didn't think about the fact that I should change my jeans, so the tear rubbed the cut for the rest of the day, which I'm sure didn't help matters. I cleaned my cut again the next morning only to find yellow liquid leaking out. I didn't think anything of it (it was 7:30am on a Saturday--I doubt I was thinking at all). I finally got a band aide. That evening, I peered under the band aide and was surprised by my cut. I pealed the band aide off and asked, "Is it supposed to look like that?" The scrape was a greeny-blue and yellow with a white film over it. The skin around the cut was swollen and red, and it was still leaking yellow liquid. The pre-med majors replied, "No, it's not supposed to look like that. It's infected." Oh joy. So my knee is infected. It's almost better now. I went to see the nurse today (I couldn't yesterday because she's not in on Sundays) and she said, "it's not infected" and just told me to clean it. So, hopefully it will be okay.

So that's my life lately. Sort of. In brief. And I have rehearsal in half an hour, so I probably ought to do some homework. ::::drops dead::::: AMW

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hello all you cool peoples who read my blog. Weird, isn't it? Well, this is my last weekend of freedom. In just a few days, it's back to the ol' torture chamber. Oh well. I may not be excited about the mountains of homework and loads of stress (grin), but I am excited about Peer Advising and my floor. It should be a good year. I will make it a good year. Muahaha. So, uh, wow, I guess that's all.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Wow, people are commenting on my blog! Cool!!! Well, I thought I would comment on Skye's comment about Legolas. Did anyone else notice that Legolas' sole purpose in Return of the King (aside from bringing down the oliphant, which should have counted as two) seemed to be to let the slow people in the audience know what was going on? Think about it: "A diversion." "One that is cursed." It's really kind of funny. Poor old Legolas.

That reminds me! I got the Return of the King piano book (have I already mentioned that?)! I love playing Into the West. The accompaniment is all arpeggiated cords (oh joy! I just found the spell check button!). It's not so much fun to play Pippin's song because it's only the melody, but it's still cool.

So, I'm having a birthday party this Saturday (even though my birthday was in May), and that should be cool. I was hoping some friends from out of town could come, but I don't think they will be able to.

Well, I'm getting to the good part in my book, so it's back to the ol' grinding wheel for me. I'll post again later.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Why do people keep bugging me to update my blog? If I want to dance, I'll ask you to dance--I mean, if I want to blog, I'll jolly well blog. But, unlike some people, my life is not an open book. Oh well, I'll be philosophical. (Onry phiwosophicerry)

I just finished reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I like that book, but at the same time, it drives me crazy. All the characters are soooo annoying. I kept wanting to strangle Edmund, Fanny is too darn nice, Miss Crawford is dasht annoying, Mr. Crawford just drives me nuts, Maria needs a good spanking (grounding just wouldn't work), and Mrs. Norris definately needs to learn how to hold her tongue. Sir Thomas is about the only one I liked. Well, I like Fanny when she isn't being too nice. I even feel sorry for Julia. But, th--I lost my train of thought.

So, we just saw The Village. I liked it. Harry was disappointed. Oh well, I thought it was cool. I won't talk it about though cause I don't want to spoil it.

So, I updated my blog. Happy now all you pushy people? AMW

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Whenever I post anything, it comes out sounding stupid. So, anyway, I went over to my friend's house last night and we watched Secret Window. Wow. What is it with Stephen King and murderous writers? I'm getting a little nervous here--should I not be a writer? I mean, I would hate it if I went crazy and started hearing voices. Especially if they told me to kill someone . . .
Little Voice: You mean you don't hear voices?
Me: Uh . . . . well, not ones that tell me to kill anyone
Little Voice: You've gotta fix the ending
Me: What ending?
Little Voice: "'I'm sure in time her death will be a mystery even to me,' said Bobby Dubrow as he helped himself to another pepper from the steaming bowl."
Me: WHAT? What are you talking about???
Little Voice: :::grins evilly::::
Me: Hold on just a minute!! If you are a little voice, how can you grin evilly?
Little Voice: Lots and lots of practice.
Me: Okay, that's enough, you'd better stop before you start to freak people out. So, BE GONE! or whatever it is I do to make you go away.
Little Voice: That'll work. :::pops away in little cloud::::
Me: Sheesh, some people . . . .

So anyway, uh . . . . train of thought derailed. So, do people actually read this? I can't imagine that they do. What was I saying? Oh yeah, so . . . . I still don't remember. Just give me a second . . . . . Oh yeah, so I'm halfway done with my second book, and my first book is finished except that I haven't gotten any feedback on it from anyone (hint hint), and until I do, I can't send it off to get it rejected. I have to get it rejected 11 times before I find a publisher who will publish it. At least, I think that's what the ratio was. So, look out world! You're reading the blog of the next bestselling author! Although, maybe I don't want to be bestselling. Then people could come find me and say, "You stole my story" which, of course, I DIDN'T. So just shut up about the car! Hmmm . . . that gives me an idea . . . .
Sammie G.
(so, are you thouroughly confused yet?)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

So, last night I had this dream. Did anyone ever watch Beast Wars? Well, my dream last night had Best Wars in it. All these Maximals and Predacons were running all over the place. Megatron was like, "We'll get those stinkin' maximals!!" and Optimus Primal was like, "Well that's just prime." And all of a sudden, this little maximal comes up and says (in best Homestar Runner immitation voice) "Homestar, maximise!"

So now I've just written Strong Bad an e-mail asking him what he would look like as a transformer. Do you think he'll answer it? I hope so. That would be a funny e-mail.

I wonder what I'll dream about tonight? I guess I'd better go find out . . . .

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Okay, here's the real deal. It's summer. Doesn't that rock? I think summer rocks. Summer is the best time of year. It's warm out, you get to go swimming, you don't have to do school (unless you're a loser [just kidding]), and there's just a really cool atmosphere. So, summer rocks the earth and sky to Pluto--and back.

So far, my summer has consisted of editing, editing, more editing, and brief attempts to clean the ol' . . . to clean the ol' . . . to clean my room. Is that interesting? I don't really think so. Therefore, I'll make it interesting.

Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk. Pretty boring, huh? Wrongo. That's when these three guys wearing black jumped out at me. They weren't wearing sunglasses, so I knew they were the Men in Black, they were just men in black. They grabbed one of my arms each, and that's when I really something was wrong. I wasn't supposed to have three arms! So after I freaked out, I came back to my senses and found that I had been shoved into a black car. I guess these fellows liked black. So, anyway, as we drove along, they began to ask me all sorts of weirdo questions, mainly: "Where is it?" and "Where is it?" and "Where is it?" Well, I had known what it was, I might have told them, but I didn't, so I didn't. Anyway, they took me to this big secret lair with all kinds of freaky scientific stuff. I still had three arms. After a hour or so, (I was sitting in the corner with all three of my arms tied), this dude wearing an awesome shiny so-dark-green-it-was-almost-black costume complete with the pointy ears. So of course, I knew it was a super hero. Well, the dude, who had some name in Latin that I can't remember, untied me and said, "Here's the antidote, take it!" So I did and my third arm disappeared. Mr. Really Educated Super-Hero Guy fought of the men in black who weren't the Men in Black, and then we ran away. So, I never figured out what I needed the antidote for or who the super-hero was or who the bad guys were, but how's that for interesting?
So, like Karen was like, fussy like, at me to like, post in my like blog. So like, guess what I'm like, doing? Like, totally rad man.

(And no my sister is like disowning me. Yay)

Anyhoozers. Guess what today is. :::turns to sister:::: what's today? I think it's June the 2nd. Oh yeah, I can check myself. Dohoohohohohoho. It's 3:13--I mean, June the 2nd. Do I rock or what? Karen found it.

So, like, this isn't my journal. Wow, that was profound. Karen just gaspded and said, "I've got my own blog!" like she didn't know or something? It was like--never mind, she spoiled it for me.

So, and she threw a grape at me. Well, sister--Karen

Well, we just forgot to clean the kitchen. And then we remembered. Okay, I think I'm going to start over now.

Friday, April 16, 2004

HAPPY uh DAY! Isn't it wonderful? Today is beautiful! Leo-the-Loli-Pop-Man and Shewan Khan are giving me funny looks. But today is COOKIE DOUGH DAY! That's what it is! HAPPY COOKIE DOUGH DAY!!!! And boy could I use it!
I have two papers and a speech (which will be a memorial service for Batman) due Monday plus this coming week I have a website I have to make, Bible and History reading, a History essay, I'm sure there's something in Psyc, yearbook, and PA/IMPACT stuff I have to do. Aren't I having fun? What I could use right now is a good ol' mission with lots of excitement and dramatic emphasis (laugh).

So you might wonder with all this stuff I'm doing, why aren't I doing it? Well, because I'm just so darn sick of school that I'm NOT!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :::::lots of evil laughter:::: Now Sam and Gurgi the Little Doggie are giving me funny looks too. Well, I had been working on the Genre report for Bible, but I read my sisters blog and thought, "Today is Cookie Dough Day, I should post something. It's not like anybody reads it anyway. It will be sort of like writing to Teddy, except I'm too lazy to reach under my desk and get Teddy out right now." Okay, so those weren't my exact words. But oh well.

::10-20 minutes later:::: Well, my sister just stopped by and we wound up talking for awhile, so I should probably really get at it (stupid papers), but tonight! Tonight I must ride motorcycles! The motorcycles are calling me! Well, peace, love, and spinich (or liver or whatever). Or, in Klutzese: Motorcycles, Cookie Dough, and Starry Nights!! B'bye, says I!

:::curtain close, thunderous applause:::
(Am I the only freak that edits my posts before I post them? Don't answer that. Oh well, here goes nothing . . . AMW)

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Last Wednesday I dreamt that I slept through Psyc class and yearbook meeting and woke up at 11:45. I thought, "I think I have something at tweleve, but I don't remember what it is." So I forgot about my first karate class. Then I was in another town and realized that I had fifteen minutes to get back in time for my PA interview. I don't know who was driving, but by the time I got back, there were only five minutes left. I was afraid it was some kind of omen!! But instead, that dream just kept me on my toes. I didn't miss anything and everything went pretty well. Yay!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Well, a blog, a blog. What to do with a blog? :::starts singing::: Oh dear help, it's a blog! Daddy help! it's a blog! :::stops singing::: I wonder if anyone actually reads this. Well, I don't have much to say. Should I say something real? But that's so boring. Well, I'll say something else.

Every day or two, I get chocolate milk at one of my meals. I always blow bubbles in my chocolate milk. It's not that I have to, I just do. Often, when people see me, they say, "Wow, I haven't done that in ages," and then they'll go and get their own chocolate milk to blow bubbles in. Isn't this profound?

Well, I should go to bed, I have prayer meeting in the morning and I already slept through devos (now I feel really bad, bad lama), so I will write something even more profound later.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Well, I'm giving in. I don't think I'll keep up with this, but oh well. Here goes nothing.