Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm dying! Ahhhhh!!!!!! I mean, I'm sick. I don't feel so good. Well, I feel fine mentally and emotionally, but I can't breath, I keep coughing and sneezing, and I'm a little "woohoo" or out-of-it, in other words. I carried a box of Kleenexes (with Aladdin characters on the box!) with me to all my classes this morning. It was kind of funny. I was sitting in the hall waiting for my second class. I had a thermos of tea (I have a thermos, a nice thermos, won't you share my thermos), a box of Kleenexes, and a book. And I was snifling with a scarf around my neck. Joy. By the way, I don't think Holly reads this, but I've been wearing the scarf she made me all the time. I love it. Back to my post. What was I saying? This is a good CD (Relient K). Oh, so, I've got vapor rub on my chest, so I probably smell funny, but I don't care because it helps. It seems like the more I toss and turn during the night, the better hair day I have. I didn't sleep well last night. Poor Jodie, she probably didn't either, due to all my coughing, moaning, and blowing my dose. For Spanish class today we're going to go eat lunch at a Mexican Food resteraunt! Yay! I really love this CD. So, um, oh yeah! It's the last day of classes! I only have two more classes, one of them being the Spanish meal. I wish finals didn't exist. Cause I don't want to do anything except laze around. Oh, tonight is our floor Christmas party. Yay! And tomorrow is our brother floor Christmas party. Yay again! I think I'm not going to get too much studying done. I'm so out of it and sleepy. Anyway, I should probably stop rambling and sleep or something.

A Poem By Me not to be used without specific written permision from the author! (that's me)
I never thought this day would come
When all my classes would be done
Now that it's here I can't believe
In just one week I can leave
Maybe when the sun goes down again
I will have the time to sleep in
And maybe when the bell clock chimes
I can say "the next five minutes are still mine"
Wouldn't it be nice?
~~Anne M. W.

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Linalos said...

Sorry you are still feeling sick! At least classes are over! Be sure to get plenty of rest so that you can actually function during Finals!