Friday, February 25, 2005

I always want to write something on my blog in spare minutes between lunch and class, but I never have anything interesting to say. So, I've decided to give a long treatise on those people we love and know so well as Imaginary Friends (also a bread of Imaginary Friend called the Invisible Friend, who appears when one reaches around Jr. High level).
Are there poor souls out there who have not grown up with an Imaginary Friend? I pity them. Imaginary Friends are the people we go on journeys with. They keep us company when we're bored and alone and they comfort us when noone seems to understand us. Invisible Friends help us through those times of change in life when everything seems to go wrong and the one stable thing can be dancing under the stars with people whom noone can see but you.
So why do they vanish? Why are they gone? Why do the only appear in writing? The imagination develops (even decays) as we grow older and become more acquainted with the world. The more horrors we see, the less magical the world is. For someone like me, the imagine ceases to be external and becomes an internal working. I don't see people running alongside the car or horses jumping over fences next to my window any more. I don't even see a guy from another planet sitting on my window sill and begging me to go ride motorcycles or hear that tell-tale beeping that means I have a secret mission to accomplish in order to save the world. Instead, I see vast worlds inside my own head. Warriors fighting, battles raging, children playing, people loving, searching, growing. The world has changed from magical to tyrannical. I can no longer live the perfect fantasies of my mind in our world, I have to create my own. Maybe that's what happens, why we no longer have Imaginary or Invisible Friends, indeed, why we can no longer even talk to our Stuffed Animals in the way we once did (though I caught my roommate's moving before it could get back to its spot). I miss The Guys and my secret agent partner. I miss My Little Friend That Sits On The Roof. Oh for the days of imagination again.

This long treatise on the Imaginary Friend has been brought to you by Sammie G.
Shewan Khan: Are you done yet?
Me: Yeah, I think I'm done.
Leo-the-Lolipop-Man: That was rather long and drawn out. What were you trying to say?
Me: Nothing really, I was just having fun being dramatic and acting like I was writing something profound. :)
Leo-the-Lolipop-Man: You're weird.
Khan: Can I take over the world now?
Me: No, I have to go to class.
Khan: Drat. May I when you get back?
Leo: You're hopeless.
Khan: The same thing we do every night, Leo! Try to take over the world!
Leo: ::::smacks helmeted face::::
Me: Time to go!!
Di di doo doo di di.

Sammie G.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Well, I have to go to my PA meeting in just a couple minutes, but I have nothing to do in that time, so write on my blog. I'm just sooooo excited! We played soooo good at our football game last night! We got to other side right at the beginning of the game. I think we would have made a touchdown if the reffs had counted the downs right. Grrrrr. Anyway, we did make a touchdown later! YAY!!!! We were sooooo very excited that it was awesome and we threw a party right on the field! Yay! And Alisha caught the ball at kick off and I totally got Tank's flags and toppled over. Ah, sweet bliss. Football is an awesome game! Now I know why guys like to play it so much. :) So after the game, we went to IHOP to celebrate Carolyn's and Bushey's birthdays. That was fun. Carolyn and I shaired pancakes and I drew a picture of us beating the tar out of G1. He he. About halfway through, one of the guys said, "But you all lost!" I looked at the picture, shrugged sheepishly and said, "Oh yeah." Ha ha. Anyway, it was awesome. Happy sigh. I wish the semester wouldn't end. It's going way too fast. I'm having such an awesome time. You know, I'm here for the school so that I can get a degree and get a job, but that's not my priority right now. I'm still getting my school done, but that's not what I remember or what I think about. I think about my awesome beyond awesome friends and all the fun we have. I am so blessed to know these girls (and guys). Oh, and a note to Jacqui, Jen has "The Camel" on her floor shirt and we were teasing her at IHOP last night when she was drinking lots of water. ::::wink wink double grin::::: Well, time to go. Have a wonderful week all my devoted readers!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Well, I just got out of a Hummel test. The first part went really well. The second part . . . not so good. So now I'm sitting in CSI again. Somebody had stolen my computer and messed it up. Poor computer. So tonight is our last--wait, let me start again. Este noche jugamos nos partido de futbol americano ulitmo. Hmm, is that right? I'm so bad with grammer, English and Spanish. Oh well. I had a great weekend. I decided to take Saturday off again, so I did. I also took a bit of Sunday off too. Ah, sweet bliss. I've gotton some writing done! Yay! My pen is trying to switch main characters in the middle of the second book of the series. My mind says, "I don't think so." But I'm confused how to continue. The former main characters are a little boring currently because they've already been through everything once. The new recruits haven't been through it yet, so they have a fresh perspective. And they're dinky kids, which is fun. Oh, I shouldn't have said dinky.
Yesterday, Amanda, Alisha, Shawna, and I (oh no! the bell!) had fun IMing people from the same screen name. We just took turns typing. Okay, gotta go. Bye.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy contented sigh. Yesterday was such an awesome day. Well, it really started Sunday evening when we had supper at our dorm parents. We got dressed really pretty and went and were served a three course meal three adorable little girls. It was so nice to get all dressed up and look pretty when there were no guys around; we just wanted to look nice for each other. Supper was exquisite. Monday started off just like any other day (except I'm at a really exciting part in the book I'm reading during breakfast). Classes were fine and nothing too special. On the way to chapel, I thought, "You know, I don't know that our brother floor will do anything for us for Valentine's Day, but I really don't care because they are still the awesomest brother floor on campus." Lo and behold at lunch, Jonathan D. asked Amanda and me if we'd been in our lounge yet. Needless to say, Amanda and I hurried to check our mail after lunch so we could run up to the lounge. The brothers had decorated it with red, pink, and white crepe paper and balloons. It was the best decorated floor of them all. But the best part was sitting on the couch with a sister Valentine's card and a big bowl of chocolate--it was a humongous, really soft teddy bear that we all love. That was exciting. The weather the entire day was really wonderful. It was so beautiful outside. :::sigh::: I had an IMPACT interview that went okay, and then I hung out in the lounge until supper. At supper, not only was the walk down so nice due to the weather, but they had a banana split bar, which was exciting. After supper, computer science made the happy feeling go away for a little, but I listened to my love songs playlist and made Carolyn's birthday card, finally ending the day by playing Love Changes Everything on the keyboard in the lounge. Yesterday was a perfect day, as days go.
I think the most exciting thing about yesterday is that, I didn't care a single bit that I didn't have a boyfriend. I was excited that I have such great sisters (my floor) and brothers (the brother floor). I just wanted to show them how much I love them; I didn't care about the romance kind of love. I mean, I did care in the sense that yesterday was real anticipatory. I started to get excited about the guy I'll someday marry (because I truly believe God has marriage in mind for me). I was excited that someday I'll find him and it could be in the next few years. And I was really excited that I'm waiting for him. The first time we hold hands, that first kiss, will be so special because I will have waited for it my entire life.
Okay I know, sappy entry from the crazy girl, but I don’t really care. It was such a good day. I hope everybody else enjoyed yesterday as much as I did.
Sammie G.

P.S. The only downside is that they fixed the bell tower yesterday so it's chiming again. My cruel and ruthless taskmaster is back to tell me every fifteen minutes, "You didn't get done what you should have!"SG

Friday, February 04, 2005

Well, I'm sitting in CSI waiting for it to begin. It's my last class of the day. Yay! We're studying loops. I'm feeling a little loopy today myself. I know, I used that joke at lunch. Oh well. I actually got ahead in my homework some, which is awesome. I have no idea how it happened.
We played another intramural football game (ever since Spanish I want to spell it futbol), and again we lost. Those girls were mean! But Heidi caught the ball, and I bruised my sternum, and Alisha took several dives. :) We had fun.
So, I've been told that the brother floor is watching The Village tonight which is exciting. I haven't seen it in forever, and I liked it. Um, I guess I don't really have anything interesting to say. My brain isn't really working anyway. Well, I think class is starting. So short my audience!
P.S. I'm so glad people commented! I love all of you! Ah! The bell!