Monday, February 21, 2005

Well, I just got out of a Hummel test. The first part went really well. The second part . . . not so good. So now I'm sitting in CSI again. Somebody had stolen my computer and messed it up. Poor computer. So tonight is our last--wait, let me start again. Este noche jugamos nos partido de futbol americano ulitmo. Hmm, is that right? I'm so bad with grammer, English and Spanish. Oh well. I had a great weekend. I decided to take Saturday off again, so I did. I also took a bit of Sunday off too. Ah, sweet bliss. I've gotton some writing done! Yay! My pen is trying to switch main characters in the middle of the second book of the series. My mind says, "I don't think so." But I'm confused how to continue. The former main characters are a little boring currently because they've already been through everything once. The new recruits haven't been through it yet, so they have a fresh perspective. And they're dinky kids, which is fun. Oh, I shouldn't have said dinky.
Yesterday, Amanda, Alisha, Shawna, and I (oh no! the bell!) had fun IMing people from the same screen name. We just took turns typing. Okay, gotta go. Bye.

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