Friday, February 25, 2005

I always want to write something on my blog in spare minutes between lunch and class, but I never have anything interesting to say. So, I've decided to give a long treatise on those people we love and know so well as Imaginary Friends (also a bread of Imaginary Friend called the Invisible Friend, who appears when one reaches around Jr. High level).
Are there poor souls out there who have not grown up with an Imaginary Friend? I pity them. Imaginary Friends are the people we go on journeys with. They keep us company when we're bored and alone and they comfort us when noone seems to understand us. Invisible Friends help us through those times of change in life when everything seems to go wrong and the one stable thing can be dancing under the stars with people whom noone can see but you.
So why do they vanish? Why are they gone? Why do the only appear in writing? The imagination develops (even decays) as we grow older and become more acquainted with the world. The more horrors we see, the less magical the world is. For someone like me, the imagine ceases to be external and becomes an internal working. I don't see people running alongside the car or horses jumping over fences next to my window any more. I don't even see a guy from another planet sitting on my window sill and begging me to go ride motorcycles or hear that tell-tale beeping that means I have a secret mission to accomplish in order to save the world. Instead, I see vast worlds inside my own head. Warriors fighting, battles raging, children playing, people loving, searching, growing. The world has changed from magical to tyrannical. I can no longer live the perfect fantasies of my mind in our world, I have to create my own. Maybe that's what happens, why we no longer have Imaginary or Invisible Friends, indeed, why we can no longer even talk to our Stuffed Animals in the way we once did (though I caught my roommate's moving before it could get back to its spot). I miss The Guys and my secret agent partner. I miss My Little Friend That Sits On The Roof. Oh for the days of imagination again.

This long treatise on the Imaginary Friend has been brought to you by Sammie G.
Shewan Khan: Are you done yet?
Me: Yeah, I think I'm done.
Leo-the-Lolipop-Man: That was rather long and drawn out. What were you trying to say?
Me: Nothing really, I was just having fun being dramatic and acting like I was writing something profound. :)
Leo-the-Lolipop-Man: You're weird.
Khan: Can I take over the world now?
Me: No, I have to go to class.
Khan: Drat. May I when you get back?
Leo: You're hopeless.
Khan: The same thing we do every night, Leo! Try to take over the world!
Leo: ::::smacks helmeted face::::
Me: Time to go!!
Di di doo doo di di.

Sammie G.

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