Thursday, March 03, 2005

So, I should be exegesiting, but I felt like procrastinating just a little while longer. I'm so definately ready for Spring Break. I love my friends, but I'm ready for no school. : ) Plus, it's been, what, two months since I've seen my family? So I'm looking forward to Mom and Dad hugs and getting to hang out with my awesome beyond awesome brother. I'm also excited about the pool, ping pong, air hockey (maybe I can practice enough so that I can beat Dimildt without him letting me, grrrrr), and especially I'm looking forward to Dad's grilled fajitas. Oh, my mouth waters in anticipation!

On a more academic note, the got the schedule for next semester up and I get to take two of my major classes next semester! Yay! I'm so excited! Digital Literature and Writing for Digital Media. Sounds fun to me. I still haven't decided if I want to go to Mexico for Spanish this summer, but I need to decide soon. Ah! Oh, and I got my midterm grades, which were better than I was expecting, so I hope I can keep them that way, but I haven't had any major projects due yet. Drawing pictures in class is fun.

Oh, and Carolyn has decided not to move to the apartments (I do believe), so we are going to be roommates next year! Yay! Now we just have to fight over whose room we live in . . . I'm really gonna miss my suite. Oh well.

Oh, and one last note about my previous post (by the way, Lina, I really liked your comment!), maybe the reason Imaginary/Invisible Friends go away is because we don't need them anymore. I had I. Friends when I was really stressed and didn't get to see my friends all the time or when I just plain didn't have any friends. But now, I have an awesome floor that I'm with all the time, an awesome elf that I get to see on the weekends, an awesome floor full of brothers/friends, and an awesome life with minimal stress levels. So, maybe I just don't need The Guys and My Little Friend Who Sits On the Roof as much as I used to. Although, I still enjoy Leo-the-Lolipop-Man, Shewan Khan, and Sam (not to mention Gurgi-the-Decapitated-Little-Doggie, Aladdin, and the Time Elf Bell, who have as yet been silent). Hm, interesting thought.

Anyway, it's about ten, so I've been up for an hour (my alarm went off two hours ago), and I should get to my Esther Exegesis. Oh dang that stupid bell tower! I know it's ten! Sheesh . . . Until next time, this was Random Craziness from #3 Bagshot Row.

Sammie G.

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