Thursday, March 31, 2005

Well, it got to about 4:50 which is almost time for supper, so I asked nobody in particular, "I DON'T WANT TO DO ANYMORE SCHOOL, DO I HAVE TO???" And then I thought, "I never wrote about the Renaissance Faire." So here I am to post. Today is simply beautiful. Ah, happy contented sigh. The winds blowing the stupid street lamp outside my window. I hope it doesn't come crashing in . . .
Sorry if I sounded depressed in that last long post on Monday. I was actually chuckling as I wrote it, although I am still sad that nobody has remembered my fake birthday. If noone remembers by the end of the week, I'll say something, but I keep hoping someone will remember! Anyway, I've been having a pretty good week. At least, I've been pretty productive. But I can tell that I'm getting stressed because when I went to find a job and the information desk wouldn't give me the information I needed, I nearly burst into tears and had to take the elevator down so nobody would see. But then I came back and listened to my college playlist, and it made me feel better. Now I'm listening to my love songs playlist. It's perfect for this kind of day. :)

I want the publishers to tell me what they think of my book! I know they're gonna reject it--I'd probably reject it. But I really want someone to publish it 'cuase I'm sick and tired of editing it and I need the money. :) I know it wouldn't be much, but it could help with all this college stuff so I wouldn't have to keep getting more loans. Ick. Tuesday, I toyed with the idea of adding another book to the series. I've toyed with that idea before. It seems like it really needs another book, but that would make it a six book series. I'm only one and a half books through and it's taken me four and a half years. Oh joy. I'm still toying with it. :)

Well, I should probably go either eat supper, do homework, or finish the post about the Renaissance Faire. Fair thee well my devoted audience!
Sammie G.

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