Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Oh my goodness yay. It's Wednesday which means tomorrow is Thursday which means it's almost Friday and Friday means SPRING BREAK! Oh I really need it. Ack. And I have a stinkin' test on Friday. I still really don't think it's fair of Dr. Hummel to give us a test at 1:30 Friday when he's not even going to be there. I know, overuse of italics, but I felt like it, that's how "grrr" I am.

On the up side, um . . . I got to the next section in my book. I'm just waiting for the villains to attack already so we can get some interesting stuff in so that I can start Part 5. I usually use a different folder for each part, but after duct taping Part 4's folder for the third time, I decided it was time for a new folder.

IMPACT letters went out today and I got Themelios. Yay! Kermit the Frog yay. ::::waves hands as if she's a puppet:::: YAY!!!! The only problem is that the first training is the day of my "birthday" (my college birthday). Sniffy. Oh, that's the day after Easter anyway. Maybe we can still do something. I really want to celebrate my birthday with all my friends here (hence the March 28, college birthday).

My brother said something really awesome to me yesterday. We were sort of talking about random stuff and, oh I know, we were talking about how everytime I do something with Lina, people say something along the lines of "Who's the guy?" So we laughed, and then my brother said:
HairyHarryCB: you should pick a random guy and ask him out
HeirofGondor: What for?
HairyHarryCB: to see what he says
HeirofGondor: Haha
HeirofGondor: But then I'd have to suffer a date with him
HeirofGondor: Besides, the guy is the one who's supposed to do the asking
HairyHarryCB: well obviously they're getting a little behind in their job
When your dad says stuff like that it's cool 'cause you know he loves you, but there's something about when your brother says stuff like that that makes you feel special. So I just thought I'd tell everybody that I have the awesomest little brother ever and I'm sooooo excited to see him in two days! (I hope he doesn't mind I put that up here . . .) Oh, and then I said, "You just want a brother-in-law, don't you?" and he said, "Yeah, so any random guy will do." HA ha. Um . . . Lappy, meet the paper. The paper tells me when I've stopped being funny . . .
Time to either clean or go to class or something. Yay for Spring Break!

Sam the Ready For Spring Break

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