Monday, March 28, 2005

So I think I now know why everybody posts on their blogs when they're depressed and need to vent. It's because we want somebody to say, "Aw! Poor baby!" or we want to subtly let someone know they did or didn't do something we didn't or did want them to do.

So today, my alarm went off at 7am. After about 30 or more seconds during which I had to think about it to remember what day it was, why my alarm was going off, and if I really needed to get up at all. I finally dragged myself out of bed, got dressed in the freezing cold, and went to breakfast (wearing bracers and cloak). I slept through half of history. He gave us the powerpoint slides, so I didn't have to take notes. Usually what keeps me awake is taking notes, so I gave up and went to sleep. I thought about skipping chapel, but decide to go. I'm glad I did 'cause it was (Mrs.) Dr. Hood speaking. Yay!! Then we had Spanish and the first girl gave her speech on the person I was going to give my speech on, but I already did the research, so people will just have to suffer (mine's better than hers anyway :::wink wink::::). I ate lunch which was good by SAGA standards, and had about five minutes to repack my bag before I had to go print the powerpoint for the next class. Well, as usual, the printer wouldn't print, so I had to try a couple of times. I nearly fell asleep in that class too. I snatched about five minutes of solid sleep before CS-I which was a cool class. All we did was work on our programs and that was awesome fun. ::::kermit the frog yay:::: YAY!! But working on the program took an hour and a half instead of just an hour. So I got back and was able to get a fitful 30 minute nap before the first Themelios meeting which went from 5 to 7. At 7, I went the meeting about the Mexico trip which I can't afford but sounds awesome, and then I had to go print my summer housing application, my summer course registration form, and a scholarship application. I got back to room after going non-stop (except for the 30 minute fitful nap) for 13 hours, and filled out those said applications only to realize that I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow at two, so probably can't do lunch and Wal-Mart with Christy tomorrow, like we had planned. Then I found out something that makes me sad, but oh well. And I discovered that I might not be able to register for classes until the fall 'cause my stupid financial aide was stupid audited so I won't get awarded until stupid tax returns. Grrr! And to top everything off, nobody remembere that today is my (college) birthday. Sniff. I was sort of hoping people would get an IHOP run together or something, but I guess if I'm gonna celebrate my birthday here with my friends, I'll have to plan it myself. I thought maybe if I mentioned it enough at the beginning of last semester, people might remember, but I guess not. (And that's how I came to my conclusion about people posting depressing stuff on their blogs. Now's the part where you all say, "Aw, poor baby!" and plan an IHOP run for sometime this week--hint hint :-) ) I know people are busy, and I don't blame anybody for not remembering my "fake" birthday. I just really want to celebrate at school where I have a group of friends, 'cause back home, I have, what all of 2 friends not counting immediate family members. Yay, so it's fun to celebrate with them, but it's not the same as a brother/sister floor IHOP (or whatever) run. I actually don't care that much if it's for my birthday or not--I just want an excuse to hang out late at night eating pancakes. :) So, now that I've thoroughly bored and depressed you and explained my theories about humans, it's time to do a little homework before I go to bed. Thursdays, I could never get the hang of Thursdays . . .
Leo-the-Lolipop-Man: Psst, it's Monday.
Me: :::distressed and resigned sigh::: I was quoting . . .
Leo-the-Lolipop-Man: I was teasing.
Me: I think I need to go hug the big bear again. What's his name? Hubert el Oso or something. Deep sigh. And my throats a little sore. Maybe I'll make some (fake) chai. But then I'd have to wash my cup. No I wouldn't, I have two. But I'd have to wash the spoon. Darn. Well, I'll finish my post (which isn't posted and is only in draft form) about the Renaissance Faire later when I'm feeling more happy about sharp point things, long flowly things, and black leather things. Good night my devoted following. Til we meet again!

"Life, don't talk to me about life." ~~ Marvin the Robot (a favorate quote quoted by my friend Lina the elf)

P.S. I don't like professors right now. Don't ask why, I couldnt' say, I'm just taking my frustration out on their race in general.


Anonymous said...

Happy "fake" Birthday! I know how important mine was to me, and for all the same reasons yours is to you. Anyway, if you do go to IHOP to celebrate spare a thought for me.


Karen said...

Awww, I'm sorry Annie. I hope things get better soon. I'll be praying for you. And Happy Fake Birthday! We should hang out sometime... not sure when... maybe after my Spanish test on Monday is over I'll be able to think again, haha

Sam said...

Thanks guys. I wasn't really serious about the "Aw, poor baby" thing . . . Just kidding.
Jacqui--EVERYtime we go to IHOP I think of you! I still miss you and I hope that you're having a wonderful time at school . . . without me . . .
Karen--we should definately hang out. I know what you mean about Monday. I have a presentation, a program due, and the Spanish test. Ayiyiyiyiyi.