Monday, September 26, 2005

Pictures from Rita-Weekend

This is me and my football bruise! Well, one of them. So maybe it's a good thing that Symphony was canceled, 'cause I was gonna wear a sleaveless dress . . .

If you look closely, you can see some Quad 2 guys playing football in the hurricane!
This is us Saturday night at TCBY after trying Marble Slab (which was closed), Starbucks (for those who wanted coffee), and Whataburger (which was closed).

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Interesting Weekend

Well, I've had an interesting week. . . . I was all excited about symphany, and then they canceled it. Then we were gonna do something anyway, and then we weren't, and then we were, and then we weren't, and then we were, and oh my goodness--talk about confusing. On top of all that was the stress of a test on Monday, a quiz on Monday, an abstract due Monday, a website due Monday, a mountain of Spanish homework due Monday, a presentation last Thursday, and all the other homework. And then the bookstore closed early so I couldn't get any money for gas or anything if I needed to leave. Oh, and what was that other thing? Oh right, the HURRICANE!!! So, they start posting all these emergency procedures everywhere so we'll be prepared for the horrifying and scarey hurricane Rita. Then a bunch of evacuees came and tons of people donated their mattresses, pillows, blankets, sheets, books, cards, and crayons for the evacuees to use. Then . . . the hurricane came!! And was somewhat disappointing. It rained a bit and blew pretty bad, but it really wasn't that bad at all. I thought maybe a little thunder would have been nice . . . ;-) So, by the end of the day it was fine, and we went out for coffee and ice cream.

Oh, and we had our most fun intramural game the other night when we played football against G2. They actually just wanted to play to have fun--what a crazy idea! And I know quite a few of those girls, too, so that made it more fun. But, I got the most beat up I've ever gotton at a football game. I got a huge bruise on my shoulder that I don't know where from, and I bruised my knee up pretty badly, too. And my other arm and knee have various bruises. People keep trying to hug me and stuff, and I keep saying, "Gently!" or screaming in pain. ;-)

Last night, I had this dream that these kids were running away from bad guys in a really big hotel. The kids wound up on the roof and they didn't know what to do! So, they jumped off and immediately "You don't know what we could find. Why don't you come with me, little girl, on a magic carpet ride" rang through the air and the kids used parachutes. It was a fun dream.

I guess that's all. I don't want the week to start again. I'm not ready for it. Especially since I didn't get to go to symphany, and I've had a severe lack of hanging out with friends time lately. Well, I guess I've gotten to hang out with friends, it just feels like I haven't reached my friend quota for the weekend, so I don't feel ready to go back into the week. Oh well, such is life. I know what it is. I haven't gotten my supper socialize time this semester. It makes me sad. We all seem so much busier than last year (which last year I would have thought impossible). I miss all my friends . . . . :-( Okay, done now. I guess that's all. Until later!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quick Update

I don't have much time, but I thought I'd post a little something. The lake party was a blast! We rode jet-skis (Jen and I flipped one over--twice!), hung on the tow line at the back of the barge, jumped of the party parge, ate grilled food, and just otherwise had a lot of fun! Um, what happened next?

This week is crazy! I have so much I have to do! I had a Spanish test on Monday, I have a large website project due around the end of this week, a presentation tomorrow for which I had to write a digital poem, I found out today about a Philosophy test on Monday plus our "Outside Reading Assignment" due in a couple of weeks, and an abstract due Monday for which I've done pretty much nothing. And now I'm going to symphony! Talk about busy . . .

Symphony this time is Roommate Roulette, so last night, a whole crowd of girls came into my room and we spent around (estimating here) 45 minutes trying to set everybody up with somebody. It was pretty fun.

Oh! And yearbooks are in! Yay! Speaking of which, I'd better get to lunch and see if they have the yearbooks. Until later!

Monday, September 19, 2005


So, I had a fun, but sometimes slightly frustrating weekend. After a crazy and stressful week of trying to do all of my homework so I could go on the Freshman retreat, realizing I didn't have enough money to buy my parents birthday presents and Christmas presents, trying to get engine coolent in my car, and various other activities, I collapsed Friday afternoon and slept. Well, I did try to do homework first, but that didn't work. And I was so tired that I didn't even think about e-mailing my PA to tell her I couldn't go on the retreat, even though I fully intended to. So, I stayed back from the retreat. Friday night was impossible to do homework on because I'd been doing homework what felt like non-stop all week, so my brain was dead, I was tired, and I wanted some socialization. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to socialize, so I read and played guitar until Shawna came back and let me hang out with her and her friends. We had a girl night, which was fun. Saturday, after a highly needed morning of sleep, I did homework until I went bed. I did get to see my sis some, 'cause we went and studied together at Starbucks, so that was fun. And I broke for supper. And a half hour when I tried to figure out what was going on the next day. Other than that, I did homework until one in the morning. Sheesh.
Sunday was Quad 2's lake party that they actually invited us to! Which was incredably nice of them (historically, it's been a no girls event). I had so much fun!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Dad's Birthday!

Hmm, let's see. What's up in the life of me? First, I have to check to see where I left off. Okay. So, Thursday night we had our first intramural football. ::::sigh:::: I love football. When I'm playing, I mean. We didn't win (I mean, ELH-3 always wins!), but we did really well, I think! Better than last year (not that that would be hard--I mean, ELH-3 always wins!). And we had a great turnout! Half of our floor, plus some brothers to help coah and cheer. Yay! Q2 has its first game tonight, but I can't go . . . Maybe I can go see part of it. Because of Singers, don't cha know.

Oh, and today is my Dad's birthday! Yay! So, happy birthday to my dad!

Um, Friday I actually did homework until dinner! Amazing! But it worked. I didn't have to do much this weekend, so I'm going to try to keep it up. Friday night we saw Sahara (with no 'h' on the end) in the Assembly Building. That was a funny movie. Almost as funny as Transporter 2. I think we played Apples to Apples after that, but I could be wrong.

Saturday was Longview Blitz. I hadn't ever been before, but I got up to go this time. We went to Windridge Esquestrian center and tore down a shed. But first, we got to say hi to all the horses. It was fun! I hadn't been around a horse in forever. We went out into a pasture of about 20 friendly horses. A couple of them were pretty big draft horses. One was half Clydesdale/half Shire (maybe). He was very interested in Tim who is pretty tall himself. Alisha and I decided that we're going to be professional hole diggers.
After a hot morning and some heat exhaustion, we went to Wendy's for lunch. Yay for food! and frosties.

So, I discovered that my car needs engine coolent, so I have to drive to Wal-Mart (it should be okay), buy some coolent (oh where does the money go???), and find somebody to help me put it in.

Speaking of money, still no word on the job front. I guess I'm gonna have to find some different places to look. The library said they would send me an e-mail either way, but they haven't, so I dunno. I don't really want a job since I don't have that much time anyway, but if I want any money next semester for deoderent, toothepaste, and the odd IHOP run, I need a job.

Sooooooo, I guess that's enough of a life update for now. Er, wait, I forgot about last night. So I went to dinner last night at Lina's house :::::deep sigh of contentment::::: and watched a funny movie. When I came back, I noticed that the floor smelled like something had burned. My suspicions aroused. Then Kendell ran into me and said my roommate had something to tell me. So, Carolyn burned some popcorn again ;-). When the room filled with smoke and all that jazz, she and Rebecca decided to hold the microwave up to the open window to air it out (when she said that, I was so afriad she was going to say they dropped the whole microwave down three stories!). Well, they forgot about the lazy susan plate and--three stories later, it's in several pieces. I laughed my head off. Carolyn and I certainly have interesting roommate experiences. Did I mention how I woke her up in the middle of the night the other night because I had had a nightmare? Yeah. ::::laughs:::: This is going to be a fun semester.

On a more serious note, I have such awesome friends. There's no way to express how much they all mean to me. You guys (ELH-3 and Q2) are just awesome. You have no idea how much your friendships have meant to me and have helped me to become more myself. ::::shudders:::: That just sounded sappy. But it's true. Before I was on ELH-3, I was a shy, scared, hurt little girl. Now I'm loud and obnoxious (working on that . . .), but I'm not afraid of people anymore, and it's almost entirely due to the love I get from my ELH-3 girls. I love you! Thanks for being such awesome friends. (P.S. Shawna D. rocks!)

Okydoky, it's about time for class. By the way, if you want to see what I've been doing in class, go here:my class website

Until next time!


P.S. Talk Like a Pirate Day is next Monday!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bowling, Swimming, and Creepy Music

Oh, by the way, if you want to hear some creepy music listen to a clip from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe found on Narniaweb (which is an excellent site, by the by).

So, after a thoroughly stressful first week of classes, things are going better. Sunday and Monday I was really, really stressed. It wasn't very nice. I got sort of snappy, which was bad. I'm sorry if I snapped at you! Although I'm pretty sure I managed to keep my upsetness to myself (meaning I only really snapped at inadament objects and appliances ;-) ) but if I did snap, I'm sorry. But, I had a good emotional release time (yes, I rather cried; it felt good), and Monday night I had Singers, which I warmed up for first--yay!--so it went really well. I like being a first soprano and singing the high notes. Then, about ten of us (::::deep breath:::: [see if I can get everybody] Kendell, Alisha, Shawna, Kurt, Jason, Dave, Bryan, Evan?, Matt [who got in on the second game]--oh, and me) went bowling. That was so much fun! I discovered that bowling is very stress relieving. I bowled 95 the first game, which is much better than the 56 I got last time I went bowling. I didn't do as well on the second game. And I discovered that it's not good for me to talk and drive at night when I don't know where we're going . . . :-D

Monday and today I woke up extra early (6:30) and went swimming. I'm really enjoying it. It gets me alert for my classes. Speaking of classes, I'd better go if I want lunch before my next class. Acidy throats are no fun. Talk to you later!

This update in the life of Annie was brought to you by Klutz Co. Apple Sauce

P.S. It sort of stinks when your old "invisible" friends are the only ones who get a joke . . . ::::deep sigh:::: Oh, to be young again.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Looong Update

Yay! I got into Singers! It's exciting and intimidating at the same time. We had our first rehearsal on Thursday, and I'm so out of practice! Isaiah put me as 1st soprano for the song we were doing, and I went flat on all the high notes. I'm gonna try to practice some this weekend admist my loads of homework. But homework in a minute. It was really fun to be in a choir/part-singing setting again. Ah, I'm excited. And we're going to Florida for our Spring Break tour! It will be fun, but it's also a little sad 'cause that means I can't go home or hang out with other people if I want. But Carolyn and Jen are both in Singers, so it will be like hanging out with people because I will be hanging out with people. I'm just one of those weird people who wants to experience and be a part of everything. I dreamed last night I rode the Batman ride again . . .

Oh, and I started my new story! Well, it's not technically new since I'd already come up with the idea several years ago, but still. So, which of the stories did I pick? Well, I didn't actually pick one from the poll--go figure. I decided that When Evil Comes and Telepath would be really fun to do, they just aren't what I'm in the mood for right now. I'm a bit sick of sci-fi right now, and When Evil Comes is too dark for the moment. So I picked Keeper of the Cats (working title that nobody can steal!!!!!! :-) ). I'd give you a plot summery, but for one thing, that would ruin it and I wouldn't be able to keep writing (it's a weird writer/Annie thing, don't ask) and for another, I don't really know yet what's it about.

School is evil . . . and fun. Argh. I'm excited about my classes, especially Digital Literature, but there is a lot of work this semester, and I have to get a job. Darn that money! For Digi Lit this Tuesday, I'm supposed to read three chapters (three stinkin' chapters!) of a netlibrary book. And then I have a ton of other homework. Homework is evil. So, my grades, social life, and sleep habits will suffer this semester until I wind up collapsing in an exhausted and emotionally broken heap either halfway through the semester, right before finals, or both. And I'll probably get sick around finals, too. ;-)

Oh, last weekend, Shawna, Alisha, Amanda (Fro, for those of you who might get confused), Amanda's new roommate Valerie (ironic, isn't it?), Kurt, Scott, and I went to a Rangers/Twins game. It was really fun! My first baseball game! The Rangers won! We had a blast and took some artistic, CD cover pictures. Then a guy came and asked for a couple dollars for food, so we bought him some food, and some bug spray, and a first aide kit, and Amanda gave him a Bible. The result of that was that I didn't make it the dessert with your mentor thing. And we lost our PA at the Freshman Service project. In getto Longview. Not so good. She's okay though. And she got into Singers too!

I've been having interesting dreams lately. First that the world was going to end, then--darn, I don't remember! and then elevators are the place to have deep conversations, and then I went on a rollar coaster. And there were scarey people! And a car! And a gun! AHHHH . . . interesting dream . . .

Okay, off to EO. Until we meet again!
Annie the up and coming novelist who is about to die from fear of overhomework--do the professors conspire or what?