Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Looong Update

Yay! I got into Singers! It's exciting and intimidating at the same time. We had our first rehearsal on Thursday, and I'm so out of practice! Isaiah put me as 1st soprano for the song we were doing, and I went flat on all the high notes. I'm gonna try to practice some this weekend admist my loads of homework. But homework in a minute. It was really fun to be in a choir/part-singing setting again. Ah, I'm excited. And we're going to Florida for our Spring Break tour! It will be fun, but it's also a little sad 'cause that means I can't go home or hang out with other people if I want. But Carolyn and Jen are both in Singers, so it will be like hanging out with people because I will be hanging out with people. I'm just one of those weird people who wants to experience and be a part of everything. I dreamed last night I rode the Batman ride again . . .

Oh, and I started my new story! Well, it's not technically new since I'd already come up with the idea several years ago, but still. So, which of the stories did I pick? Well, I didn't actually pick one from the poll--go figure. I decided that When Evil Comes and Telepath would be really fun to do, they just aren't what I'm in the mood for right now. I'm a bit sick of sci-fi right now, and When Evil Comes is too dark for the moment. So I picked Keeper of the Cats (working title that nobody can steal!!!!!! :-) ). I'd give you a plot summery, but for one thing, that would ruin it and I wouldn't be able to keep writing (it's a weird writer/Annie thing, don't ask) and for another, I don't really know yet what's it about.

School is evil . . . and fun. Argh. I'm excited about my classes, especially Digital Literature, but there is a lot of work this semester, and I have to get a job. Darn that money! For Digi Lit this Tuesday, I'm supposed to read three chapters (three stinkin' chapters!) of a netlibrary book. And then I have a ton of other homework. Homework is evil. So, my grades, social life, and sleep habits will suffer this semester until I wind up collapsing in an exhausted and emotionally broken heap either halfway through the semester, right before finals, or both. And I'll probably get sick around finals, too. ;-)

Oh, last weekend, Shawna, Alisha, Amanda (Fro, for those of you who might get confused), Amanda's new roommate Valerie (ironic, isn't it?), Kurt, Scott, and I went to a Rangers/Twins game. It was really fun! My first baseball game! The Rangers won! We had a blast and took some artistic, CD cover pictures. Then a guy came and asked for a couple dollars for food, so we bought him some food, and some bug spray, and a first aide kit, and Amanda gave him a Bible. The result of that was that I didn't make it the dessert with your mentor thing. And we lost our PA at the Freshman Service project. In getto Longview. Not so good. She's okay though. And she got into Singers too!

I've been having interesting dreams lately. First that the world was going to end, then--darn, I don't remember! and then elevators are the place to have deep conversations, and then I went on a rollar coaster. And there were scarey people! And a car! And a gun! AHHHH . . . interesting dream . . .

Okay, off to EO. Until we meet again!
Annie the up and coming novelist who is about to die from fear of overhomework--do the professors conspire or what?

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