Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lunch Break

So, here I am at school. It's hard to believe that I've only been here two weeks. It feels like a lot longer. Classes started yesterday. I'm excited and not excited. I don't want to do homework and write papers, but maybe if I really keep up with it this year, I'll be able to do it. I'm sitting in on Cornerstones again (as Themelios). This is the third year I've heard that class. I think Dr. Hummel is a good Cornerstones mentor.

Yesterday, I slept in a little (it was my last morning to be able to), and then got up and ate breakfast. After that, I started the job hunt again. Finding a job is redicules on this campus (and yes, I know I can't spell redicules--I've tried). Every office tells you to go to another office which has no idea what you're talking about. Oh well. I turned in applications at the Business office, Phys plant, and Student Affairs. Oh, and I went by the Assembly building to see when tryouts for Singers was. I didn't have a pen, so I couldn't put my name in one of the time slots, but I decided to come back before lunch and see if I could write my name down then or something. So I went up to MSC-3 and warmed up a bunch. Then I went back to the Assembly building, and he wasn't busy then, so I tried out. It went amazingly well! I was just excited at well it went, whether or not I get in. And he said I had a good voice, so that was cool. (AHHHHH the phone's ringing!!! Oh, it's for Carolyn.) I'll find out this afternoon when I get back from class if I got in or not. Last night, I dreamed that all the Singers went to the Trinity Courtyard in their dressy Singers' clothes and started to singing to me to tell me I got in. Ha ha. That's funny. It probably means I didn't get in, but I might as well be hopeful. ;-)

Oh, and our brother floor escorted us (not courted us, not extorted us--it's funny what people mishear) to communion last night. I thought that was nice of them. It was also nice to be able to sit with everybody as a group.

And, I have to go to class at 12:25pm for the first time. This is the first semester in the four (starting the fifth) semester that I've been here that I haven't had an 11:20am class on M-W-F. It's really throwing me off. Anyway, I probably ought to go eat. Rebecca (R-Duck) might eat with me which is nice because everybody else has class at this time. But if not, I'm reading a fascinating novel by Agatha Christie. I'm not sure what it's about yet, but it's pretty interesting.

I hope that's enough of an update for everybody. Oh, I'll have to talk about baseball later and losing our PA later. I always say that, and then I never do. Oh well, maybe this time. Until then!


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