Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Choice Is Yours!

"The city is gone!
The city is gone!
They tell me that life
life will go on
I can’t see it . . ."
~~These Are the Voices by Anne M. Waitz

The city has FINALLY disappeared! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh the great oodles of joy. Just a few more loose ends to tie up and the book is finished! Anyway, I figured once I finished this book that I should write a different book. You know, take a break from this series and hone my writing skills. Especially since it’s been five years since I’ve written a different story. I could use a break. I will definitely get back to this story, I just want a break. And maybe a short story that I could get published under my belt. So anyway, I can’t decide which story to write, so I thought I’d take a poll. I narrowed it down to six stories in four genres. Vote on which story you’d like to see me write! Or just vote ‘cause you feel like it even if you don’t really care . . .

All titles and synopsies contained herein are the sole property of Anne M. Waitz, not to be used or copied without express written permission of said Anne M. Waitz.

Science Fiction:
Aysa Norris
A down-and-out, drunken, once-famous, physically impared space racer is recruited to help a band of mercenaries find a priceless treasure.

An highschool girl discovers her telepathic abilites and is thrown in the midst of a covert civil war between her government and the underground telepathic community.

When Evil Comes
A warrior-reject runs away from a twisted spartan society and returns years later to rescue the land.

The Prince’s Story
The story of Cinderella from the prince’s point of view.

Tom and Eleanor
A guy and girl are in love. Guy has to become sailor to make his way in world. Girl gets kidnapped. Both travel the world. Eventually they find each other again.

Short Story:
Quest or Curse
A young girl is forced to go on a quest or her best friend will be turned into a purple lizard and she will be cursed forever!

Well, after I wrote out the synopsies, I realized they were a paragraph long each, and who wants to read that? So I narrowed it down for you. Vote away!

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