Monday, August 22, 2005

An Eventful Start to the Semester

So, here I am at Themelios training, but we need stuff from the print shop before we can do anything else. Themelios training is a lot more fun than Peer Advisor training. Not that Peer Advisor training wasn't fun, I was just copletely freaked out at the time. ;-) But I was half an hour late 'cause I thought the schedule said 9:30, which it did, but it said 9:00-9:30. Ooops. Apparently I didn't miss much.

So, I've had fun so far. The school got a bunch of new mattresses on our floor, so the old mattresses were in the hall. ::::mischevious grin:::: And then we decided to go watch a movie (Thursday night, by the bye). So, we picked the 10:10pm showing of Must Love Dogs 'cause Jodie thinks it might be based off of one of her (highschool?) teachers. Jen, Carolyn, Jodie, and I got to the theater to discover that the website was wrong--the last showing was at 7:05. Oops. So we decided to rent a chic flick that we'd never seen and found The Wedding Date. That was a twisted romance movie. The guy character was a male prostitute. It was just . . . weird. So, before we watched the movie, Carolyn decided to use our microwave to make a snack bag of kettle corn popcorn. She left to go get it and came running back saying, "There's smoke in our room!" And she meant it to. Lots of smoke. Billowing and pouring smoke. Carolyn stuck the popcorn out the window while some of us fanned the smoke detectors (which really should have gone off) and somebody else sprayed some fabreeze. We opened the microwave (which had been spotlessly white, thanks to me) and discovered it brown and burned. Well, it turns out that I had forgotten that I taped down the glass tray so it wouldn't break while we moved. It very much burned.

So we had an adventurous first night. I'll tell more later maybe. About the jet-ski and scaring the other ELH girls. ;-) 'Til then!

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