Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Speaking of Stories . . .

So, I had to take Harry to the Orthadontist today (it's great, 'cause as long as he keeps going to the Orthadontist, I keep getting free stuff! shoes today). He wanted to go somewhere afterward and suggested the library. I thought that sounded fun (especially since neither of us had a very good trip last time). So, after the Orthadontist, we got on the highway and drove to down town. We picked an exit and just drove around until we found the library. As Harry said, that's the great thing about down town, you just know which direction to go in. (Of course, that was before we found out we'd already driven past the library once, but oh well.) We passed The Magestic Theatre, The Alamo, and the Wax Museum. We we got to the library, we found a bunch of CDs. Harry even found The Reason CD! Yay! That's a good song. And I got a Clannad CD and the Soundtrack to Les Miserable. Cool stuff. I also got Ivanhoe (Harry informed me, after my own fruitless searching, that Ivanhoe is one word) and flipped through a ton of DAW books. I'm begging to feel quite hopeless. My book doesn't fit into any category and why would a sci-fi or fantasy publisher want it? The world isn't that different from ours. My one comfort is how long all of the DAW books are. So we had fun. And we didn't really get lost coming back either. Nice library trip.

Speaking of stories, I'm reading an old story that I wrote when I was fifteen (actually, my last endevour before the series I'm working on now). It's actually that bad considering I fifteen. (I'm not saying all fifteen yearolds write terribly, but I have only recently improved my craft to anything noteworthy.) The characters are awesome! They make me laugh so hard! You've got the space pirate with a soft spot, the nameless girl, and the random passenger who just decides to tag along in their adventures. Aha ha ha. The chemestry is awesome. Too bad the space pirate is too old for the nameless girl. It's a nameless story, too. But I'm thinking it might actually be salvagable, which is exciting.

Speaking of stories, last Sunday, I got a call from Sarah who said her mom wanted her to call either me or Daniel to see if we were going to the college group that night. I thought that was funny since my mom had been saying the same thing to me about Sarah and Daniel the whole summer, I was just being lazy. So, Sarah came over and we went to the college group. It was pretty good. People kept asking us how we knew Daniel, and I started thinking, "How do we know Daniel?" I think I started to explain that his cousin was my brother's friend or something and the person I was explaining to said something about a second cousin's dog. Ha ha. It was funny. I love the little community my family has. When people asked how Sarah and I knew each other, I kept nearly saying we're sisters. I guess it sort of feels like that after five years. No, it's been more than five, hasn't it? Maybe not. But it's been awhile. Anyway, Sarah spent the night that night, and we had fun. We watched Labyrinth and messed with my crazy computer. We decided to start another story like we wrote one time over e-mail (a story I affectionately call 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 . . . BOOM, but which has no actual title, though it has a lovely Shakespearean death scene). So this time we're using a story website and calling it Assins Inc. Ha ha. I love writing fun stories! If you want to read it (don't know why you would unless it's really late at night and you want a laugh) go here: Assasins Inc. My character is Tal J. Rico, just in case you wondered.

Anyway, it's about time for supper. And almost time to go back to school!!! Writhing Agony!! Just kidding, I'm excited. Oh, and I finally got to Sophomore year with my memory book. I might have gone overboard printing pictures. I have about a three inch stack. I'm on Fall Fest right now and trying to figure out how to put my IHOP map into the book. . . . A dilema, to be sure. Anyway, time for food! Yippee! Ah, farewell my adoring public!

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