Wednesday, June 16, 2004

So, last night I had this dream. Did anyone ever watch Beast Wars? Well, my dream last night had Best Wars in it. All these Maximals and Predacons were running all over the place. Megatron was like, "We'll get those stinkin' maximals!!" and Optimus Primal was like, "Well that's just prime." And all of a sudden, this little maximal comes up and says (in best Homestar Runner immitation voice) "Homestar, maximise!"

So now I've just written Strong Bad an e-mail asking him what he would look like as a transformer. Do you think he'll answer it? I hope so. That would be a funny e-mail.

I wonder what I'll dream about tonight? I guess I'd better go find out . . . .

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Okay, here's the real deal. It's summer. Doesn't that rock? I think summer rocks. Summer is the best time of year. It's warm out, you get to go swimming, you don't have to do school (unless you're a loser [just kidding]), and there's just a really cool atmosphere. So, summer rocks the earth and sky to Pluto--and back.

So far, my summer has consisted of editing, editing, more editing, and brief attempts to clean the ol' . . . to clean the ol' . . . to clean my room. Is that interesting? I don't really think so. Therefore, I'll make it interesting.

Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk. Pretty boring, huh? Wrongo. That's when these three guys wearing black jumped out at me. They weren't wearing sunglasses, so I knew they were the Men in Black, they were just men in black. They grabbed one of my arms each, and that's when I really something was wrong. I wasn't supposed to have three arms! So after I freaked out, I came back to my senses and found that I had been shoved into a black car. I guess these fellows liked black. So, anyway, as we drove along, they began to ask me all sorts of weirdo questions, mainly: "Where is it?" and "Where is it?" and "Where is it?" Well, I had known what it was, I might have told them, but I didn't, so I didn't. Anyway, they took me to this big secret lair with all kinds of freaky scientific stuff. I still had three arms. After a hour or so, (I was sitting in the corner with all three of my arms tied), this dude wearing an awesome shiny so-dark-green-it-was-almost-black costume complete with the pointy ears. So of course, I knew it was a super hero. Well, the dude, who had some name in Latin that I can't remember, untied me and said, "Here's the antidote, take it!" So I did and my third arm disappeared. Mr. Really Educated Super-Hero Guy fought of the men in black who weren't the Men in Black, and then we ran away. So, I never figured out what I needed the antidote for or who the super-hero was or who the bad guys were, but how's that for interesting?
So, like Karen was like, fussy like, at me to like, post in my like blog. So like, guess what I'm like, doing? Like, totally rad man.

(And no my sister is like disowning me. Yay)

Anyhoozers. Guess what today is. :::turns to sister:::: what's today? I think it's June the 2nd. Oh yeah, I can check myself. Dohoohohohohoho. It's 3:13--I mean, June the 2nd. Do I rock or what? Karen found it.

So, like, this isn't my journal. Wow, that was profound. Karen just gaspded and said, "I've got my own blog!" like she didn't know or something? It was like--never mind, she spoiled it for me.

So, and she threw a grape at me. Well, sister--Karen

Well, we just forgot to clean the kitchen. And then we remembered. Okay, I think I'm going to start over now.