Wednesday, June 02, 2004

So, like Karen was like, fussy like, at me to like, post in my like blog. So like, guess what I'm like, doing? Like, totally rad man.

(And no my sister is like disowning me. Yay)

Anyhoozers. Guess what today is. :::turns to sister:::: what's today? I think it's June the 2nd. Oh yeah, I can check myself. Dohoohohohohoho. It's 3:13--I mean, June the 2nd. Do I rock or what? Karen found it.

So, like, this isn't my journal. Wow, that was profound. Karen just gaspded and said, "I've got my own blog!" like she didn't know or something? It was like--never mind, she spoiled it for me.

So, and she threw a grape at me. Well, sister--Karen

Well, we just forgot to clean the kitchen. And then we remembered. Okay, I think I'm going to start over now.

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