Friday, November 19, 2004

He he, so maybe I should update just a leeetle more often. But that's okay because nobody reads it anyway. He he he he. So, I found out the the EFE member in my Algebra class might actually be a good guy, working to counter the Evil EFE. Which is oxymoronic, but that's okay. It gets the point across. Those in my history class have been becoming more brazen and bold about their takeover plan. They practically brag about it in class. Maybe, they will slip and we can catch them! Ha ha ha ha!! Wait, I'm the good guy, I'm not supposed to laugh! We usually walk hand and hand into the sunset--like this. :)

So yesterday was Shawna's birthday. We went to Whataburger which was--
TLM: What happened to stealing people's identity online?
Me: Sh, be quiet. You don't know about this stuff, recuarde?
TLM: What?
Me: Nevermind.
So we went to Whataburger which was fun and then Shawna and I ran around in our cloaks. After that, we wound up talking for two and a half hours. Yeah, so I didn't get to bed until four, meaning I got three hours of sleep.
TLM: Then why are you "blogging" instead of taking a nap.
Me: Oh I'm not tired anymore. And stop interrupting.

Did I ever tell you about the time I came into the room and Shewan Khan was clutching the Time Elf Bell? Yeah, I think he's trying to get more time so that he can conquer the world. But if the Time Elf works for Khan when he never gives me anymore time, I'll be upset.

I'm reading a book right now called The Sword of Shannara. It's pretty cool so far, except that the author has so many stinking FBPs and he never calls the characters by their names. It's driving me crazy! 'The hand moved to wipe away the hair from the eyes of the face. The countryman looked up at the citydweller. Kurt smiled and reached the hand to shake the extended hand. Brad shook the cold grey hand of the citydweller. The countryman waited and laughed.' I mean, it's probably not as bad as all that, but it's still driving me nuts. Especially since it seems like a pretty cool story!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!
TLM: Don't get so excited, just say what you mean.
Me: Will you quit it and leave me alone?
TLM: Okay. :::jumps out window::::
Me: No wait! TLM, I didn't mean it!
TLM: What what?
Me: How are you doing that?
TLM: It's a magic carpet. You don't wanna go for a ride, do you?
Me: Is it safe?
TLM: Sure. Do you trust me?
Me: What?
TLM: Do you trust me?
Me: NO! :::pushes TLM out the window::: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
TLM: Hey, that's not how it went!
Me: I know. Now what was I excited about? (blogging is dangerous because I can type so much faster than I can write so I can fit a whole lot more here than in a journal entry)

Oh I know, so I think I finally figured out the ending of my book! It's sooooo exciting! And the main character has a purpose and there's a reason that he's special and it rocks the earth and sky! So, what is this ending that I finally came up with after 4 years? Well, I can't tell you. That would spoil the ending!!! ::::I grin mischeviously::::

TLM: I still think you're spelling it wrong.
Me: Oh what do you know? Hey, are you and C.W. gonna bet on my spelling again? That was funny.
TLM: Hey, how come Day gets dots in his name?
Me: You can't call him Day, you have to call him C.W. or you'll confuse my readers.
TLM: But I still want to know why he gets dots!
Me: Watch it kid or you're gonna find yourself floating home.
TLM: Yeah? Then who's gonna fly the ship? You?
Me: You bet I could! I'm not such a bad pilot myself! We don't have to sit here and listen to this--
TLM: You are a quote vending machine.
Me: I know. :::pause::: Ooo, I'm cold. Isn't it nice? Um, anyway, I should probably go get back to whatever I should be doing but am not. This is Princess Leia Organa Skywalker soon to be Solo, signing off
(TLM: See what I mean?)