Monday, May 01, 2006

Finally, It's Finals Week

Dear Avid Readers,

Today is the not only the first day of May, it is also the first day of finals week. I've already taken one final (Fed, State, and Local, which I'm pretty sure I got an A on) and turned in my final paper for CMC. I've spent the last hour and a half studying for Spanish, so I needed a break before my brain explodes. My Spanish final is at 12:45pm today. I don't have any finals tomorrow, but I have one Wednesday (Revelation) and one Thursday (American Literature II).

Last Thursday evening, Paul and I went to run a few errands, which turned out to be pretty fruitless. So, Friday afternoon, I went to complete those errands. I got a pair of tennis shoes so that I can walk around in Mexico. I also bought a really nice Spanish Bible.

Friday evening, Kendall was house-sitting, so she invited Carolyn, Jen, and I to hang out with her. We trashed the house, got tatoos, and did drugs!! Okay, so we just accidently stuck the pizza box to table (don't worry, we Pledged it up), they were temporary tatoos, and Jen took Advil for a headache . . . So first, I went with Jen to rent a movie. After several phone calls and much debate, we decided on The Perfect Man with Hilary Duff. We all thought it would be pretty dumb, but it actually wasn't bad. We had pizza, chips and dip, and soda (we refrained from drinking the beer in the fridge ;-) ). After the movie, we got in the hot tub for a little. Then we did the temporary tatoos, and then Kendall talked us into watching the last episode of the third season of Alias.

The next day, Carolyn, Paul, Bushey, and I all went to Jen's house. We got there around noon and played a practice round of Hand and Foot while we ate hot dogs and beans. Carolyn had to leave at 2pm to go study, and I probably should have gone with her, but I was having fun. So, I stayed. Jen, Jen's little brother Robbie, Bushey, Paul, and I played Hand and Foot until 7:15pm!!! Paul won with me in second. :-) I wound up staying the night at Jen's and coming back early tomorrow---er, I mean the next day, which was yesterday.

I didn't sleep too well Saturday, and I felt really gross from sleeping in my clothes, so that threw my whole day off. There must have been other stuff, too, but I felt really grumpy and stressed yesterday. It's probably partly 'cause I hadn't gotten to have "couple time" with Paul since Thursday, which was running errands. But Karen took me to McAllister's, which was really yummy. Then we went to Old Navy, and I got my birthday present! Lots of clothes. I'm wearing a new outfit today, and I really like it. I feel all springy.

Saturday night, I had this dream that I witnessed to Sarc! (an evil villain from Alias) It was really funny. See, he was trying to kill me, so I thought I might as well witness to him as not, especially as we were in a Christian bookstore. So, I bought a New Testament for him. He was really grumpy about it because he said he didn't like to read. Anyway, I systamatically went through all four of the gospels like Mrs. Dr. H taught us in Life and Teachings of Christ Fall of '04 to decide which one I should tell Sarc to read. I told him to read Mark because it's short and fast-paced. But first, I asked him if he felt down-trodden and oppressed because, if he had, I was going to tell him to read Luke. I also told him that in God's eyes, all sin is the same, so I was just as bad as he was, and God still loved him. It was a really funny dream. When I told it to Jen and Carolyn, Jen said, "It's not real! Annie, some people you just can't witness to." It was really funny.

Anyway, probably no one will read this because it's long and drawn out, but I feel better now. :-) I should probably study a little more or at least contact student accounts, facilities services, and housing people because that would be productive. Okay, talk to you fellers later!


P.S. Jen's little brother is funny.
Context: Dave (my future brother-in-law) likes to tease me by saying, "You know when I look at you all I see is free child care, right?"
Jen: ::::singing:::: "I wanna be like you."
Paul: "You do?"
Annie: "No, silly, she was talking about me!"
Robbie: "What, free child care?"