Friday, October 29, 2004

Yo tengo mucha excited porque es viernes. Yo no hablo espanol muy bueno. Hablar espanol es muy fun. Yo no spell en espanol may bueno tambien. :) Oh well, at least I'm having fun. Guess what? It's Friday! Yipee! And as usual, I have nothing to say, but I might as well say it anyway because that's cool. NOTHING! Muahahahahaha!!!!

So, I just discovered the mass conpiracy of the Evil Freshman Elite. Okay, so I didn't discover the actual conspiracy, but I discovered that there is a conspiracy. The EFE are infiltrating every area of campus life in order to facilitate a mass takeover by the video-game generation. Da da da! Several of the culprits attend my Algebra and American History classes. I have a feeling the EFE is being aided and abeded by some of the faculty, namely Those Who Wish to Remain Anonymous! T2WTRA are spending their valuable time and money (as well as cool professor know-how) to help EFE attain their mass take-over conspiracy. Everyone, be forewarned!!

Isn't life fun? "Life isn't complete without a good conspiracy." ~~ Mulder. Okay, so he didn't actually say that, but it sounds like something he would say. I girn broadly.
TLM: What's a girn?
I start in surprise.
Me: TLM! What are you doing here?"
TLM: Why are you writing TLM instead of ::::BEEP:::::?
Me: Shhh!!!!! You have to remain anonymous online so that people don't steel your identity, didn't you know that?
TLM: Uh . . . .
Me: For someone from the future, you're pretty technologically iliterate.
TLM: Hey, I can fly a space ship. Better than SOME people I know.
Me: Shh!!!!! We're not supposed to talk about that! And I can fly! I just can't land . . .
TLM: Right. Well at least I never crashed a motorcycle!
Me: Hey, I only did that once! . . . Plus some.
TLM: Sure . . .
Me: Wow, now I feel lazy for not getting out my journal to write, because this is journal material, not blog material. Oh well, it's fun.
TLM: Yeah, if this was your journal you could actually write my name instead TLM.
Me: I could make up a name for you. (I grin mishceviosly) (TLM: You have terrible spelling Me: Shh!!! You're interupting my dramatic moment!) (I grin mischeviously) Car--
TLM: ARGH!!!!!!!

Shewan Khan and Leo-the Lolipop Man: An all out brawl ensues ending with TLM tossing Me out the window--say her name, not Me, that's confusing--didn't you read what she said about identity theft?--it's still confusing--escuse me, who is writing this message? Who is the world conquerer here?--Oh sure, Mr. I-Very-Nearly-Conquered-the-World-Sixty-Years-Ago gets to do everything--Shut up, you're just a little man in a cheesy suit--
Me: Guys!! What are you doing?? This is MY blog!
Shewan Khan: Not anymore! I have taken over your computer! I am now the official dictator of the country of SamtheComputer!
Me: :::::shoves Khan in a drawer:::: Oh yeah? Dictate this. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah---nevermind, I don't remember. Man, I get lost in all these things. Anyway, I'd better go uncover more of the EFE and T2WTRA conspiracy. This is secret agent With A Mission, signing off.


P.S. This episode of craziness in dorm 5-12-8 has been brought to you by The Klutz Comedy Hour, Inc. Copywrite Apple Sauce Inclusive 2004, All Rights Reserved. Please join us next time for "Khan Rules the World" or "Danger in Algebra 1203." ~~Sammie G.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The sun is shining, the ice is slippery, and I was watching TV. There came a knock, a knock, a knock upon the door. When I answered it, there was this fellow in a blue and red jumpsuit type thing and a mask standing there. He said, "Quick! Can I use your window??" Well, I get this a lot, so I said sure, wondering why no one had yelled 'man on the floor.' So this suited fellow ran to my window opened it, and this white sticky stuff shot from his hand and landed on Gilbert roof. So then this guy the white sticky stuff to swing out the window and land on Gilbert. Then he jumped to Thomas. I have a suspicion that he was chasing a black-suited stalker who's been haunting the campus lately driving a green SUV.
Well there's a little excitement for your life. I mean my life. So, it's Sunday afternoon, the kids are in the middle of training, I'm about to get to a battle scene with one of the most coolest (literally and figuratively) and complex villains--so yeah, I would much rather write than do homework. But, as I can't justify writing, I thought I'd say a few words here for all you people who read my blog.
I went to a Celtic concert last night. It rocked. Well, it fiddled, more technically. It wasn't the Beyond the Pale that I was thinking of, but it was still cool. And I got to go for free, so rock on--er, fiddle on. It was neat to see someone playing the tin whistle, Irish flute, and bodhran--er bohdran--er GASTON! Um, I guess I am a little random.
My floor is so awesome. I love the girls up here. They are so much fun to hang out with. And our brother floor is cool, too! I've forgiven them for not escorting us to Communion. Wink wink double grin.
I was going to say something else. Daw gown it. Dash gum it. Dosh it. And other expressions of frustration, excluding the profane. Oh I remember. Never mind.
So, everybody on my floor keeps telling me how I'm always in story mode. I guess that's true, and I think it's awesome. So, I'd better get to my homework. Talk to all you awesome anonymous nobodies out there who read my blog!
Sammie G.

P.S. I wonder if I'm the only weirdo out there who proofreads my blog a million times to make sure I'm using proper grammar and such before sticking it on my site . . .