Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Weekend! Oh My!

Dear devoted following,

Da da da da! Drumroll please! Er, scratch that; reverse it. WE HAVE INTERNET!!!!!! Yippee!!!! The only problem is that it’s dial-up. :-/ Even though the guy who lived in the apartment before us had high-speed with att, we can’t get it. ^O_O^ Who knows. So we were going to get highspeed with cable, but when I called to order, they said, “Oh, you have to order cable TV first.” Well, we wouldn’t use cable and we don’t need the extra expense. So we have dial-up. It’s actually not too bad, but it’s running kind of slow right now. I’m trying to catch up on facebook, but I once I started crocheting between pages, I decided this was silly and I could update my blog using Word while I wait for pages to load.

So, this was my first weekend since moving to Longview. It’s been nice. I had my first Saturday off, followed by a Sunday off. Whoohoo!!! It will probably never happen again. I had a wonderful day yesterday, though. Paul and I just hung out all day. He played Age of Empires and I crocheted. In the evening, Paul went to a movie with Zoot and Kurt. I stayed and took a luxurious bath while reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Then I went to Hobby Lobby for a few items for my crochet project. After that I made a super quick Wal-Mart run (‘cuase I really didn’t want to go there) and bought a 25 foot phone cord so that we can sit on the couch instead of the floor while using the Internet. Then I came back and made a yummy homemade frappacino which I drank while playing on the Internet. Fun stuff. :-D

Today, Paul and I actually got to go to church!!! Yay!!!! I hadn’t been since last Spring, and I was really missing it. And we just happened to pick a day when there was a Mexican themed pot-luck afterward. It was yummy. :-D

My grad school application is due tomorrow, so I got everything turned in on Friday. I’m so nervous! I really, really, really want to get in. I mean, I’ll be devastated if I don’t. When I thought I wasn’t going to get my application in on time because some of my stuff hadn’t gotten to the school, I had a complete emotional breakdown—worse than I’ve ever had before!—and just shut down. Paul had to tell me what to do. I’ve never wanted anything like this before because I was always confident of the outcome. I knew that I would get into LeTourneau, I knew that I would marry Paul, I knew that I would be rejected the first time I submitted a manuscript. But suddenly, I don’t know if my writing is good enough. I don’t know if this is really what God has for me. But I think that it is. Please, please pray that I get in. I just can hardly wait.

That’s probably a long enough post for now. Let me see if my blog will load . . . .

Your devoted followee,

Friday, September 07, 2007

The first month

Woah! It's been exactly one month since I last posted! Which means it's been exactly one month since I started work. That's right--during lunch that fateful Tuesday, Dillard's called and said, "Oh, you don't start next Tuesday, you start tonight. At five. Til nine-thirty. :-D" So I had to rush back to Hallsville to change into my suit and then eat a sandwhich in the car in the mall parking lot before I went inside. Ha ha. So, I guess I've been working at Dillard's for a month. It's been good so far. I just graduated from training on Saturday. We get monthly schedules, which is really nice. I get two days off a week (at random times--this week it was Tuesday and Friday; next week, it's Sunday and Wednesday) and I close two nights a week. But even when I close I still get home at about 9:40pm, so that's good. And the earliest that I ever have to be at work is usually 9:50am. The pay is really good for Longview and for this type of job, and I get some benefits, like health insurance (after I've been there three months).

Our apartment is about five minutes from my work and twenty minutes from Paul's school. Usually, Paul takes the bus to the school or work, but sometimes, like the past three days, I drive him. Our apartment is really nice. The only downside is that it doesn't have a pantry (^0_0^) (that's the shruggy shoulders smiley). But, it has a dishwasher that is AH-mazing. We don't have to rinse anything even if we don't run it for a day or two! And Zoot is lending us a washer and dryer. Paul and I each have a walk-in closet, and our dining room living area is pretty nice. And since it's a "non-updated" apartment, we get lower rent. Wohoo!!! God has really blessed and taken care of us.

We have really good friends here, too. Last night, we went over to Shawna's apartment and got to eat pizza and hang out with friends. I got to see Christy and Jodie, neither of whom had I seen since the wedding. Christy told me that Michael Card would be at chapel today, so I drove Paul to work and then hung out at Speer chapel (playing piano!!!!) until chapel. At chapel, I got to see Kendall and Jamin and his wife and baby. :-D Life is so good. Oh, but I think that there is a class in this room now, and I get to go meet my hubby for lunch. I like getting to be with Paul so much. I miss him when we're apart even during the day. Well, he's my best friend! she answered their rolling eyes with arms akimbo. :-D Catch ya'll later!

Annie D.