Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Weekend! Oh My!

Dear devoted following,

Da da da da! Drumroll please! Er, scratch that; reverse it. WE HAVE INTERNET!!!!!! Yippee!!!! The only problem is that it’s dial-up. :-/ Even though the guy who lived in the apartment before us had high-speed with att, we can’t get it. ^O_O^ Who knows. So we were going to get highspeed with cable, but when I called to order, they said, “Oh, you have to order cable TV first.” Well, we wouldn’t use cable and we don’t need the extra expense. So we have dial-up. It’s actually not too bad, but it’s running kind of slow right now. I’m trying to catch up on facebook, but I once I started crocheting between pages, I decided this was silly and I could update my blog using Word while I wait for pages to load.

So, this was my first weekend since moving to Longview. It’s been nice. I had my first Saturday off, followed by a Sunday off. Whoohoo!!! It will probably never happen again. I had a wonderful day yesterday, though. Paul and I just hung out all day. He played Age of Empires and I crocheted. In the evening, Paul went to a movie with Zoot and Kurt. I stayed and took a luxurious bath while reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Then I went to Hobby Lobby for a few items for my crochet project. After that I made a super quick Wal-Mart run (‘cuase I really didn’t want to go there) and bought a 25 foot phone cord so that we can sit on the couch instead of the floor while using the Internet. Then I came back and made a yummy homemade frappacino which I drank while playing on the Internet. Fun stuff. :-D

Today, Paul and I actually got to go to church!!! Yay!!!! I hadn’t been since last Spring, and I was really missing it. And we just happened to pick a day when there was a Mexican themed pot-luck afterward. It was yummy. :-D

My grad school application is due tomorrow, so I got everything turned in on Friday. I’m so nervous! I really, really, really want to get in. I mean, I’ll be devastated if I don’t. When I thought I wasn’t going to get my application in on time because some of my stuff hadn’t gotten to the school, I had a complete emotional breakdown—worse than I’ve ever had before!—and just shut down. Paul had to tell me what to do. I’ve never wanted anything like this before because I was always confident of the outcome. I knew that I would get into LeTourneau, I knew that I would marry Paul, I knew that I would be rejected the first time I submitted a manuscript. But suddenly, I don’t know if my writing is good enough. I don’t know if this is really what God has for me. But I think that it is. Please, please pray that I get in. I just can hardly wait.

That’s probably a long enough post for now. Let me see if my blog will load . . . .

Your devoted followee,

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