Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lunch Break

So, here I am at school. It's hard to believe that I've only been here two weeks. It feels like a lot longer. Classes started yesterday. I'm excited and not excited. I don't want to do homework and write papers, but maybe if I really keep up with it this year, I'll be able to do it. I'm sitting in on Cornerstones again (as Themelios). This is the third year I've heard that class. I think Dr. Hummel is a good Cornerstones mentor.

Yesterday, I slept in a little (it was my last morning to be able to), and then got up and ate breakfast. After that, I started the job hunt again. Finding a job is redicules on this campus (and yes, I know I can't spell redicules--I've tried). Every office tells you to go to another office which has no idea what you're talking about. Oh well. I turned in applications at the Business office, Phys plant, and Student Affairs. Oh, and I went by the Assembly building to see when tryouts for Singers was. I didn't have a pen, so I couldn't put my name in one of the time slots, but I decided to come back before lunch and see if I could write my name down then or something. So I went up to MSC-3 and warmed up a bunch. Then I went back to the Assembly building, and he wasn't busy then, so I tried out. It went amazingly well! I was just excited at well it went, whether or not I get in. And he said I had a good voice, so that was cool. (AHHHHH the phone's ringing!!! Oh, it's for Carolyn.) I'll find out this afternoon when I get back from class if I got in or not. Last night, I dreamed that all the Singers went to the Trinity Courtyard in their dressy Singers' clothes and started to singing to me to tell me I got in. Ha ha. That's funny. It probably means I didn't get in, but I might as well be hopeful. ;-)

Oh, and our brother floor escorted us (not courted us, not extorted us--it's funny what people mishear) to communion last night. I thought that was nice of them. It was also nice to be able to sit with everybody as a group.

And, I have to go to class at 12:25pm for the first time. This is the first semester in the four (starting the fifth) semester that I've been here that I haven't had an 11:20am class on M-W-F. It's really throwing me off. Anyway, I probably ought to go eat. Rebecca (R-Duck) might eat with me which is nice because everybody else has class at this time. But if not, I'm reading a fascinating novel by Agatha Christie. I'm not sure what it's about yet, but it's pretty interesting.

I hope that's enough of an update for everybody. Oh, I'll have to talk about baseball later and losing our PA later. I always say that, and then I never do. Oh well, maybe this time. Until then!


Monday, August 22, 2005

An Eventful Start to the Semester

So, here I am at Themelios training, but we need stuff from the print shop before we can do anything else. Themelios training is a lot more fun than Peer Advisor training. Not that Peer Advisor training wasn't fun, I was just copletely freaked out at the time. ;-) But I was half an hour late 'cause I thought the schedule said 9:30, which it did, but it said 9:00-9:30. Ooops. Apparently I didn't miss much.

So, I've had fun so far. The school got a bunch of new mattresses on our floor, so the old mattresses were in the hall. ::::mischevious grin:::: And then we decided to go watch a movie (Thursday night, by the bye). So, we picked the 10:10pm showing of Must Love Dogs 'cause Jodie thinks it might be based off of one of her (highschool?) teachers. Jen, Carolyn, Jodie, and I got to the theater to discover that the website was wrong--the last showing was at 7:05. Oops. So we decided to rent a chic flick that we'd never seen and found The Wedding Date. That was a twisted romance movie. The guy character was a male prostitute. It was just . . . weird. So, before we watched the movie, Carolyn decided to use our microwave to make a snack bag of kettle corn popcorn. She left to go get it and came running back saying, "There's smoke in our room!" And she meant it to. Lots of smoke. Billowing and pouring smoke. Carolyn stuck the popcorn out the window while some of us fanned the smoke detectors (which really should have gone off) and somebody else sprayed some fabreeze. We opened the microwave (which had been spotlessly white, thanks to me) and discovered it brown and burned. Well, it turns out that I had forgotten that I taped down the glass tray so it wouldn't break while we moved. It very much burned.

So we had an adventurous first night. I'll tell more later maybe. About the jet-ski and scaring the other ELH girls. ;-) 'Til then!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back At School

Well, I'm back at school, sitting in a very messy room and listening to my new Celtic rock station. It isn't too rocky, but it's not the really quiet stuff, so it's cool. I stayed up till 4:30am Tuesday night (Wednesday morning) packing and then got up at nine to put the finishing touches on and load out. We didn't leave until around 11am and then we had to go back for the guitar. ;-) So, we eventually got here and unloaded stuff. Then we ate Whataburger for supper. Mmmm. And then I unpacked some. I tell you, it's hard to unpack when you arrive the same day as your roommate. Not that I'm not glad she's here, it's just a mess. I think I need some shelves. Well, we brought stuff back from the storage unit today and then Mom and Harry left.

So, now I'm all hot and stinky and I have the IMPACT dinner tonight and the retreat tomorrow. And I discovered that Themelios have a lot to do. So, I'm gonna be exhausted by the time school starts. Oh joy. It should be fun, though.

Oh, and I finally got to turn in my change of major form! And the registrar didn't know if I could yet, which makes me hope I was the first one. Yay! Digital Writing, B.A. Sounds fun. Anyway, I should get back to unpacking, just wanted you all to know that I'm not dead. Later kids!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Well, I'm almost halfway through packing. I haven't started on clothes yet. I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow. It's crazy. I'm going crazy. Why do I always have so much trouble packing? Ahhhhh!!!! I guess I should get back to it.

Oh, and by the way! Late Sunday night--da da da da!!!

Well, only the first draft, but it's the first story I've actually finished except for the short book thing stories and one book thing wanna be. Yay! I have finally reached a long lost goal!

So that means that I need a new story to start. So keep voting! So far I've got 3 for When Evil Comes and one against; two for Quest or Curse (which I reread the other night, and it's actually pretty funny); and half of one for Tom and Eleanor. By the way, the titles are working titles. I reread the synopsis for When Evil Comes and it's a lot cooler than I remembered. But I'm kind of hung up on Telepath right now, so I might do that.

Okay, break time is over. Back to packing! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Choice Is Yours!

"The city is gone!
The city is gone!
They tell me that life
life will go on
I can’t see it . . ."
~~These Are the Voices by Anne M. Waitz

The city has FINALLY disappeared! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh the great oodles of joy. Just a few more loose ends to tie up and the book is finished! Anyway, I figured once I finished this book that I should write a different book. You know, take a break from this series and hone my writing skills. Especially since it’s been five years since I’ve written a different story. I could use a break. I will definitely get back to this story, I just want a break. And maybe a short story that I could get published under my belt. So anyway, I can’t decide which story to write, so I thought I’d take a poll. I narrowed it down to six stories in four genres. Vote on which story you’d like to see me write! Or just vote ‘cause you feel like it even if you don’t really care . . .

All titles and synopsies contained herein are the sole property of Anne M. Waitz, not to be used or copied without express written permission of said Anne M. Waitz.

Science Fiction:
Aysa Norris
A down-and-out, drunken, once-famous, physically impared space racer is recruited to help a band of mercenaries find a priceless treasure.

An highschool girl discovers her telepathic abilites and is thrown in the midst of a covert civil war between her government and the underground telepathic community.

When Evil Comes
A warrior-reject runs away from a twisted spartan society and returns years later to rescue the land.

The Prince’s Story
The story of Cinderella from the prince’s point of view.

Tom and Eleanor
A guy and girl are in love. Guy has to become sailor to make his way in world. Girl gets kidnapped. Both travel the world. Eventually they find each other again.

Short Story:
Quest or Curse
A young girl is forced to go on a quest or her best friend will be turned into a purple lizard and she will be cursed forever!

Well, after I wrote out the synopsies, I realized they were a paragraph long each, and who wants to read that? So I narrowed it down for you. Vote away!

Celtic Rock, French Musicals, Sibling Bonding Days, and (of course) the Epic Novel

Hola. ?Como estan mis aficionados? Estoy muy bien . . . ish. Well, I'm fine now. I had a bit of a bummer moment earlier this evening when I could find none of the music I wanted at Barnes and Noble. I finally got Master and Commander which I've been wanting for awhile (love that cello music--yay for Yo-yo Ma). It just gets frustrating when all my music I have to buy online. I'd really like some celitc rock, but they didn't have any Runrig (stink) and if I was gonna get a Flogging Molly CD (recommendation of Sarah), they didn't have the one I would get. Stink again. And of course they never have the Ceili Rain CD or Maire Brennan CD I want. Double stink. Oh well. Oh, and they didn't have Tuck Everlasting. Come on people . . . I'm happy with what I got, though. I'll just mooch other music off my brother. I also got the Lord of the Rings planner now that they finally came out with it. I hope they have a Narnia planner for next year.

So it turns out that the Les Miserables CD I got at the library was in French. I actually think it sounds better in French, but I couldn't quite catch what the songs were about.

Oh, and I got my latest writing craft book! Conflict, Action, and Suspense. Yippee! Did I already say that? :::checks:::: No, apparently I didn't. I guess I didn't write about sibling bonding day. We had a sibling bonding day on Thursday when we couldn't find Harry's fencing. After honking at the pidgions, Harry made an executive decision that we would go hang out at the Quarry. That's when I got my book. At Border's. Then we ate Jack in the Box and then watched The Island. Maybe I wrote about this in my journal 'cause it seems very familiar. Anyway, it was a good movie. I liked it. Neelix was in it! Hooray! And Sean Bean. Awesomeness. So Conflict, Action, and Suspense says that happy families are boring and unhappy families are unhappy in their own way. I guess it kind of stinks that my character has the perfect family. I get conflict from other places. Besides, unhappy families are really overdone. And they aren't normal. That's why I'm writing about a normal, happy family for once. And, it's kind of cool 'cause it shows that even if you have the greatest family and love them a lot, you still need to get out on your own to figure out who you are. I like my story.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh, speaking of which! ALMOST DONE!!! Muahahahahahaha!! Yay! Just a few more things to go. It's actually the day before the city disappears. Coolness. I'm so excited.
I guess that's all I intended to say. Except that last night I dreamed R-Duck stole an airplane and Shawna was on the phone with her telling to go to the runway to take off while cops chased her. Then we did Christmas decorations and listened to boring speeches. And then, a dog died very gorrily and went to heaven 'cause all dogs go to heaven. Seesh, I've never even seen that movie. Weird dreams . . .

That's all for now! And it's not long enough at allllllll. Oh, but do you think I make a good Elinor and Polly? It think it fits about. Ooookay. Bye!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Dreams . . .

I think Harry’s been playing DTA: San Andreas too much lately. Or at least, I’ve been watching him play too much. The other night, I dreamed that I was riding in a car full of people (we were trying to get to the city to stop the alien invasion—it was actually part of my story; I wish I could remember my dreams better!). We were driving down a dark road when all of a sudden, we hit somebody! He sort of splatted into the windshield and rolled off the car. It was rather gory. I recall thinking in the dream that Harry had been playing San Andreas too much. What’s sort of funny is that the guy we hit was a character from my story. What’s worse is that his sister was in the car. She, of course, started screaming. It was sort of amusing. In a twisted sort of way. Of course, I knew it was a dream, so it didn’t bother me so much.

The next night, I had this weird dream that I was with this cheaper by the dozen sort of family that had a ton of kids and we were going to camp out in a driveway. We had to do something with moving a bunch of boxes so that the police wouldn’t get suspicious of a bunch of people camping out on a random driveway. Well, it turns out that the family had robbed whoever owned the boxes of $50,000. I was upset, of course. But it turns out that robbing the people wasn’t unethical because they had the help of a fairy. Okay, that part didn’t even make sense in my dream, but I decided to let it go. Man, I have weird dreams.

So, last night Sarah and I went to the college Bible study. I really like that group. Too bad I’m leaving for college next week. AHHHHH!!! Anyway, she decided to spend the night. It was fun. First, we traded lap-tops and read each other’s stories. It was great! How many people can you do that with? I bet only a few. Sarah’s the only one I know. By the way, her story was pretty darn cool and she’d better finish it and let me read the rest! And, I’ll send her the rest of mine, too . . . Harry had Luke and Steven over last, too. So, at about 12:45 am, we decided to go out and do something. I don’t even normally go out that late at college. So, we went to Wal-Mart, and after looking through the sad media collection, we had a lightsaber fight in the isle. I’ve always wanted to play with the toys in the isle and Wal-Mart, and can you believe I never have? Twenty years and I haven’t done that. Unless you count the time I shot Karen with a blaster in K-Mart. I got a funny look. And then we went to Whataburger. It was pretty fun.

Oh, and today I found out that Jodie’s still on our floor! Kermit the Frog yay. :::waves arms around like a puppet:::: YAY!!!!! That makes me happy. It was going to be hard for her to spend all day on ELH-3 and then have to go to G2 just to sleep. ;-) Let me count. ::::counts:::: I think that’s thirteen out of twenty-one of us who are staying on the floor! Coolness! Well, I guess that’s all for now. Later!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Speaking of Stories . . .

So, I had to take Harry to the Orthadontist today (it's great, 'cause as long as he keeps going to the Orthadontist, I keep getting free stuff! shoes today). He wanted to go somewhere afterward and suggested the library. I thought that sounded fun (especially since neither of us had a very good trip last time). So, after the Orthadontist, we got on the highway and drove to down town. We picked an exit and just drove around until we found the library. As Harry said, that's the great thing about down town, you just know which direction to go in. (Of course, that was before we found out we'd already driven past the library once, but oh well.) We passed The Magestic Theatre, The Alamo, and the Wax Museum. We we got to the library, we found a bunch of CDs. Harry even found The Reason CD! Yay! That's a good song. And I got a Clannad CD and the Soundtrack to Les Miserable. Cool stuff. I also got Ivanhoe (Harry informed me, after my own fruitless searching, that Ivanhoe is one word) and flipped through a ton of DAW books. I'm begging to feel quite hopeless. My book doesn't fit into any category and why would a sci-fi or fantasy publisher want it? The world isn't that different from ours. My one comfort is how long all of the DAW books are. So we had fun. And we didn't really get lost coming back either. Nice library trip.

Speaking of stories, I'm reading an old story that I wrote when I was fifteen (actually, my last endevour before the series I'm working on now). It's actually that bad considering I fifteen. (I'm not saying all fifteen yearolds write terribly, but I have only recently improved my craft to anything noteworthy.) The characters are awesome! They make me laugh so hard! You've got the space pirate with a soft spot, the nameless girl, and the random passenger who just decides to tag along in their adventures. Aha ha ha. The chemestry is awesome. Too bad the space pirate is too old for the nameless girl. It's a nameless story, too. But I'm thinking it might actually be salvagable, which is exciting.

Speaking of stories, last Sunday, I got a call from Sarah who said her mom wanted her to call either me or Daniel to see if we were going to the college group that night. I thought that was funny since my mom had been saying the same thing to me about Sarah and Daniel the whole summer, I was just being lazy. So, Sarah came over and we went to the college group. It was pretty good. People kept asking us how we knew Daniel, and I started thinking, "How do we know Daniel?" I think I started to explain that his cousin was my brother's friend or something and the person I was explaining to said something about a second cousin's dog. Ha ha. It was funny. I love the little community my family has. When people asked how Sarah and I knew each other, I kept nearly saying we're sisters. I guess it sort of feels like that after five years. No, it's been more than five, hasn't it? Maybe not. But it's been awhile. Anyway, Sarah spent the night that night, and we had fun. We watched Labyrinth and messed with my crazy computer. We decided to start another story like we wrote one time over e-mail (a story I affectionately call 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 . . . BOOM, but which has no actual title, though it has a lovely Shakespearean death scene). So this time we're using a story website and calling it Assins Inc. Ha ha. I love writing fun stories! If you want to read it (don't know why you would unless it's really late at night and you want a laugh) go here: Assasins Inc. My character is Tal J. Rico, just in case you wondered.

Anyway, it's about time for supper. And almost time to go back to school!!! Writhing Agony!! Just kidding, I'm excited. Oh, and I finally got to Sophomore year with my memory book. I might have gone overboard printing pictures. I have about a three inch stack. I'm on Fall Fest right now and trying to figure out how to put my IHOP map into the book. . . . A dilema, to be sure. Anyway, time for food! Yippee! Ah, farewell my adoring public!