Sunday, August 14, 2005

Celtic Rock, French Musicals, Sibling Bonding Days, and (of course) the Epic Novel

Hola. ?Como estan mis aficionados? Estoy muy bien . . . ish. Well, I'm fine now. I had a bit of a bummer moment earlier this evening when I could find none of the music I wanted at Barnes and Noble. I finally got Master and Commander which I've been wanting for awhile (love that cello music--yay for Yo-yo Ma). It just gets frustrating when all my music I have to buy online. I'd really like some celitc rock, but they didn't have any Runrig (stink) and if I was gonna get a Flogging Molly CD (recommendation of Sarah), they didn't have the one I would get. Stink again. And of course they never have the Ceili Rain CD or Maire Brennan CD I want. Double stink. Oh well. Oh, and they didn't have Tuck Everlasting. Come on people . . . I'm happy with what I got, though. I'll just mooch other music off my brother. I also got the Lord of the Rings planner now that they finally came out with it. I hope they have a Narnia planner for next year.

So it turns out that the Les Miserables CD I got at the library was in French. I actually think it sounds better in French, but I couldn't quite catch what the songs were about.

Oh, and I got my latest writing craft book! Conflict, Action, and Suspense. Yippee! Did I already say that? :::checks:::: No, apparently I didn't. I guess I didn't write about sibling bonding day. We had a sibling bonding day on Thursday when we couldn't find Harry's fencing. After honking at the pidgions, Harry made an executive decision that we would go hang out at the Quarry. That's when I got my book. At Border's. Then we ate Jack in the Box and then watched The Island. Maybe I wrote about this in my journal 'cause it seems very familiar. Anyway, it was a good movie. I liked it. Neelix was in it! Hooray! And Sean Bean. Awesomeness. So Conflict, Action, and Suspense says that happy families are boring and unhappy families are unhappy in their own way. I guess it kind of stinks that my character has the perfect family. I get conflict from other places. Besides, unhappy families are really overdone. And they aren't normal. That's why I'm writing about a normal, happy family for once. And, it's kind of cool 'cause it shows that even if you have the greatest family and love them a lot, you still need to get out on your own to figure out who you are. I like my story.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh, speaking of which! ALMOST DONE!!! Muahahahahahaha!! Yay! Just a few more things to go. It's actually the day before the city disappears. Coolness. I'm so excited.
I guess that's all I intended to say. Except that last night I dreamed R-Duck stole an airplane and Shawna was on the phone with her telling to go to the runway to take off while cops chased her. Then we did Christmas decorations and listened to boring speeches. And then, a dog died very gorrily and went to heaven 'cause all dogs go to heaven. Seesh, I've never even seen that movie. Weird dreams . . .

That's all for now! And it's not long enough at allllllll. Oh, but do you think I make a good Elinor and Polly? It think it fits about. Ooookay. Bye!

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