Thursday, July 22, 2004

Whenever I post anything, it comes out sounding stupid. So, anyway, I went over to my friend's house last night and we watched Secret Window. Wow. What is it with Stephen King and murderous writers? I'm getting a little nervous here--should I not be a writer? I mean, I would hate it if I went crazy and started hearing voices. Especially if they told me to kill someone . . .
Little Voice: You mean you don't hear voices?
Me: Uh . . . . well, not ones that tell me to kill anyone
Little Voice: You've gotta fix the ending
Me: What ending?
Little Voice: "'I'm sure in time her death will be a mystery even to me,' said Bobby Dubrow as he helped himself to another pepper from the steaming bowl."
Me: WHAT? What are you talking about???
Little Voice: :::grins evilly::::
Me: Hold on just a minute!! If you are a little voice, how can you grin evilly?
Little Voice: Lots and lots of practice.
Me: Okay, that's enough, you'd better stop before you start to freak people out. So, BE GONE! or whatever it is I do to make you go away.
Little Voice: That'll work. :::pops away in little cloud::::
Me: Sheesh, some people . . . .

So anyway, uh . . . . train of thought derailed. So, do people actually read this? I can't imagine that they do. What was I saying? Oh yeah, so . . . . I still don't remember. Just give me a second . . . . . Oh yeah, so I'm halfway done with my second book, and my first book is finished except that I haven't gotten any feedback on it from anyone (hint hint), and until I do, I can't send it off to get it rejected. I have to get it rejected 11 times before I find a publisher who will publish it. At least, I think that's what the ratio was. So, look out world! You're reading the blog of the next bestselling author! Although, maybe I don't want to be bestselling. Then people could come find me and say, "You stole my story" which, of course, I DIDN'T. So just shut up about the car! Hmmm . . . that gives me an idea . . . .
Sammie G.
(so, are you thouroughly confused yet?)