Thursday, July 22, 2004

Whenever I post anything, it comes out sounding stupid. So, anyway, I went over to my friend's house last night and we watched Secret Window. Wow. What is it with Stephen King and murderous writers? I'm getting a little nervous here--should I not be a writer? I mean, I would hate it if I went crazy and started hearing voices. Especially if they told me to kill someone . . .
Little Voice: You mean you don't hear voices?
Me: Uh . . . . well, not ones that tell me to kill anyone
Little Voice: You've gotta fix the ending
Me: What ending?
Little Voice: "'I'm sure in time her death will be a mystery even to me,' said Bobby Dubrow as he helped himself to another pepper from the steaming bowl."
Me: WHAT? What are you talking about???
Little Voice: :::grins evilly::::
Me: Hold on just a minute!! If you are a little voice, how can you grin evilly?
Little Voice: Lots and lots of practice.
Me: Okay, that's enough, you'd better stop before you start to freak people out. So, BE GONE! or whatever it is I do to make you go away.
Little Voice: That'll work. :::pops away in little cloud::::
Me: Sheesh, some people . . . .

So anyway, uh . . . . train of thought derailed. So, do people actually read this? I can't imagine that they do. What was I saying? Oh yeah, so . . . . I still don't remember. Just give me a second . . . . . Oh yeah, so I'm halfway done with my second book, and my first book is finished except that I haven't gotten any feedback on it from anyone (hint hint), and until I do, I can't send it off to get it rejected. I have to get it rejected 11 times before I find a publisher who will publish it. At least, I think that's what the ratio was. So, look out world! You're reading the blog of the next bestselling author! Although, maybe I don't want to be bestselling. Then people could come find me and say, "You stole my story" which, of course, I DIDN'T. So just shut up about the car! Hmmm . . . that gives me an idea . . . .
Sammie G.
(so, are you thouroughly confused yet?)


Karen said...

I read it! I read it! I read it! And yes...I am confused. Haha, no not really. I'm used to you by now, and all the weirdness, like, IT'S SNOWING!!! and stuff. Hahaha. Ha. Um...yeah.

Sobriquet said...

Hey, I read it too, just occasionally, since you update infrequently. And I wouldn't mind attempting to give you feedback on your first book that is if you wouldn't mind.