Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back At School

Well, I'm back at school, sitting in a very messy room and listening to my new Celtic rock station. It isn't too rocky, but it's not the really quiet stuff, so it's cool. I stayed up till 4:30am Tuesday night (Wednesday morning) packing and then got up at nine to put the finishing touches on and load out. We didn't leave until around 11am and then we had to go back for the guitar. ;-) So, we eventually got here and unloaded stuff. Then we ate Whataburger for supper. Mmmm. And then I unpacked some. I tell you, it's hard to unpack when you arrive the same day as your roommate. Not that I'm not glad she's here, it's just a mess. I think I need some shelves. Well, we brought stuff back from the storage unit today and then Mom and Harry left.

So, now I'm all hot and stinky and I have the IMPACT dinner tonight and the retreat tomorrow. And I discovered that Themelios have a lot to do. So, I'm gonna be exhausted by the time school starts. Oh joy. It should be fun, though.

Oh, and I finally got to turn in my change of major form! And the registrar didn't know if I could yet, which makes me hope I was the first one. Yay! Digital Writing, B.A. Sounds fun. Anyway, I should get back to unpacking, just wanted you all to know that I'm not dead. Later kids!

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