Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quick Update

I don't have much time, but I thought I'd post a little something. The lake party was a blast! We rode jet-skis (Jen and I flipped one over--twice!), hung on the tow line at the back of the barge, jumped of the party parge, ate grilled food, and just otherwise had a lot of fun! Um, what happened next?

This week is crazy! I have so much I have to do! I had a Spanish test on Monday, I have a large website project due around the end of this week, a presentation tomorrow for which I had to write a digital poem, I found out today about a Philosophy test on Monday plus our "Outside Reading Assignment" due in a couple of weeks, and an abstract due Monday for which I've done pretty much nothing. And now I'm going to symphony! Talk about busy . . .

Symphony this time is Roommate Roulette, so last night, a whole crowd of girls came into my room and we spent around (estimating here) 45 minutes trying to set everybody up with somebody. It was pretty fun.

Oh! And yearbooks are in! Yay! Speaking of which, I'd better get to lunch and see if they have the yearbooks. Until later!

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