Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bowling, Swimming, and Creepy Music

Oh, by the way, if you want to hear some creepy music listen to a clip from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe found on Narniaweb (which is an excellent site, by the by).

So, after a thoroughly stressful first week of classes, things are going better. Sunday and Monday I was really, really stressed. It wasn't very nice. I got sort of snappy, which was bad. I'm sorry if I snapped at you! Although I'm pretty sure I managed to keep my upsetness to myself (meaning I only really snapped at inadament objects and appliances ;-) ) but if I did snap, I'm sorry. But, I had a good emotional release time (yes, I rather cried; it felt good), and Monday night I had Singers, which I warmed up for first--yay!--so it went really well. I like being a first soprano and singing the high notes. Then, about ten of us (::::deep breath:::: [see if I can get everybody] Kendell, Alisha, Shawna, Kurt, Jason, Dave, Bryan, Evan?, Matt [who got in on the second game]--oh, and me) went bowling. That was so much fun! I discovered that bowling is very stress relieving. I bowled 95 the first game, which is much better than the 56 I got last time I went bowling. I didn't do as well on the second game. And I discovered that it's not good for me to talk and drive at night when I don't know where we're going . . . :-D

Monday and today I woke up extra early (6:30) and went swimming. I'm really enjoying it. It gets me alert for my classes. Speaking of classes, I'd better go if I want lunch before my next class. Acidy throats are no fun. Talk to you later!

This update in the life of Annie was brought to you by Klutz Co. Apple Sauce

P.S. It sort of stinks when your old "invisible" friends are the only ones who get a joke . . . ::::deep sigh:::: Oh, to be young again.

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