Friday, February 04, 2005

Well, I'm sitting in CSI waiting for it to begin. It's my last class of the day. Yay! We're studying loops. I'm feeling a little loopy today myself. I know, I used that joke at lunch. Oh well. I actually got ahead in my homework some, which is awesome. I have no idea how it happened.
We played another intramural football game (ever since Spanish I want to spell it futbol), and again we lost. Those girls were mean! But Heidi caught the ball, and I bruised my sternum, and Alisha took several dives. :) We had fun.
So, I've been told that the brother floor is watching The Village tonight which is exciting. I haven't seen it in forever, and I liked it. Um, I guess I don't really have anything interesting to say. My brain isn't really working anyway. Well, I think class is starting. So short my audience!
P.S. I'm so glad people commented! I love all of you! Ah! The bell!

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