Sunday, January 30, 2005

Reading peoples' blogs is very interesting. People say such interesting things. Mostly people seem to talk about all the depressing stuff that has happened to them. I guess it works like a journal except that people can then read what you're going through. ::::shivers::: Woo, scarey thought.
The other night, I finally got to go over to Lina's (yay!!!!!) and we watched Sense and Sensibility. I had never noticed before how Marianne and Elenor were a bit like my sister and I. They were really close, but also really different. Marianne always showed her emotions and expressed herself by playing appropriate songs on the piano. Elenor rarely shared her feelings and focused more on propriety than expressing herself. While of course not exactly like us, my sister and I are a little like that. I found it amusing that I had never noticed before.
Last night, a bunch of the girls on my floor (and some of the brothers until open dorms ended) watched Cellular. That movie was a strange mix of cheesy and suspense. I really liked it except that everybody had a dirty mouth. It made some sense for them to be swearing, considering the situation, but since when have movies been realistic? So, they should have cut it out. It was great at the end when all of us screamed. I love being vocal during movies. What's really cool, is that the kid in the movie (teen, kid, whatever) had a face almost like my main character. So I'm going to borrow his face and see if I can draw a good picture of my main character. My professional art teacher said all great artists trace and that there's nothing wrong with it. :)
So, I should probably go get my laundry and then start my stinkin' school. Wahahaha!!! Homework should DIE!!!!!!!! Oh well, I guess I'd better get over it. Oh! After this semester, I'll be halfway through with college! How freaky is that? I miss my floor already! Well, I will enchant you with more words of wisdom at a later date; for now, it's back to the ol' torture chamber.


Linalos said...

Glad that we can intertain you with our lives! I agree, HOMEWORK SHOULD DIE!!! I hear you on the movie thing; fould language does not highten my appreciation of movies. Hope to see you again soon! I feel liked and famous when I show up on someone elses blog. : )

Anonymous said...

Homework is evil...first day of classes and the prof already assigned a paper and oodles of reading. Blaaaa..halfway through college? *sobs* For some reason that makes me sad. Remember the good old days of SHINE? And the Jedi Play? And EZ pizza and how you and Karen wouldn't tell me your names so I had to bug you? Man...we're growing up! Soon we'll have to make our millions and buy that castle.

~Sarah "Skye", "Katra the Ghost-like Vampire", "Cass"...anything else...

Karen said...

Haha... we really are a little like Elenor and Marianne. Interesting. At least I have no ambitions to "die for love", heehee.