Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Well, I'm sitting in my English Final, waiting for it to begin. I've three 9:45 tests the past three days, so I guess I was still in my '45' mentality. I accidently got here twenty minutes early and then wondered why the test wasn't starting. When I finally figured it out, I decided to take a brief nap. Then I woke up and here I am. Laptop keyboards are so much nicer (no offense to this computer).
So, this is my second to last final. Tomorrow morning at 7:30 is my last final: Algebra. It shouldn't be too bad. I hope anyway. I'm not going to study too much. Why? Because I'm sick of studying.
I decided that languages should die, and now everyone should speak Klingon. (Spanish and English finals were both today, and both were my hardest tests.) After I said that, I was studying for my English final and came across some notes about the Klingon translation of the Bible. Hmmm. That should be interesting. "Those of you who say ::::spit spit spit spit:::: are accountable to law, but I say that anyone who says 'you fool' . . . ." etc. Yes, very interesting indeed. Too bad nobody will be able to read it.
Warf: I will be able to read it!
Me: Good heavens! Where did you come from?
Warf: The Enterprise.
Me: I thought you didn't exist!
Warf: We don't. ::::wink:::: We had to travel back in time to rescue ::::whisper whipser whisper:::: and since you seem to know about Klingon, we decided to solicit you're help!
Me: You've got a pretty good English vocabulary for a Klingon.
Warf: Why thank you.
Me: Well, I'd love to help you, and I'd especially love missing my final, but I can't if I want a good grade.
Warf: We can take care of that. Afterall, we just traveled back in time.
Me: Good point.
::::time lapse of 1 second:::::
Me: Wow!! That was the most coolest experience I've ever had! Too bad I still have to take my final. I wonder where Dr. Watson is? Did we somehow mess up time? Did we interrupt the time space continuem? Did we ruin the Prime Directive?? I knew we should have duct taped Picard when we threw him in that closet . . . .

Hmm, if Dr. Watson doesn't get here soon . . . . Maybe we should just all write our essays and then go. I don't really want to write my essay, but I need a good grade. Can we just get hundreds or something? Maybe he'll reweight the grades without the final. . . . Maybe I should go before this post gets too long. Oh, someone said Dr. Watson is on his way. Okay, so short my wonderful audience! Maybe I'll tell you about my time experiences later, but I think that would mess up the Temperal Directive.

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