Monday, July 11, 2005

Creative Geniusy

I don't really have much to say, but here it is anyway. Ooo, I ryhmed. I'm reading a good book right now called Gaal the Conquerer. I like it. You should read it (and ignore the blatant typos and slightly confusing writing--it's not as bad as The Sword of Shannara, I promise :::wink wink::::). Oh oh, I'm excited because I wrote a song the other night, which hasn't happened in awhile. And it's a happy song, which also hasn't happened in awhile (my last two songs were about hopelessly trying to make someone proud and trying to get away from a manipulative control freak--sheesh, what's going on in my mind? ;-) ). And I figured it out on the piano, and it's a love song which has nothing to do with anybody I know; it's just a fun song. Ah, the wonderful flow of creative genius. I've been debating creating a seperate blog for writing stuff, but that would pretty much serve no purpose since I don't post things I write because I'm paranoid about my work. :::wink wink::: Anyway, I gotta go make a phone call before we go to the library. Until then!

Anne the Creatvie Genius

P.S. Plus I figured out how to add titles to my entries. And blogger is so much cooler than xanga 'cause you can edit the html. Yay blogger!

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