Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well, today, I was walking along the edge of the pool and stepped off, not remembering how far down it was, apparently. I landed pretty bad on my ankle, and wow did it hurt. I've got a brace on it now, and so it hurts less than sprained ankles normally do. It was an interesting experience. Then we went and saw Batman Begins. I really like it. It was definately a good movie. So, Carolyn, I guess I won't boycott you for saying it was better than Spiderman. :-D I don't know that I would compare it to Spiderman. They were very different. This Batman was definately better than the other Batman movies. It was very interesting. I couldn't figure out which decade it was supposed to take place in. In case I haven't used asteriscs on this site before, comments between asterics generally mean "don't read comment between asterics unless you have seen or read the movie or story in question." That said, *I had forgotten about the Scarecrow! Sheesh, creepy badguy. He killed Batgirl one time. I never got to see the end of the episode, so I never found out how she came back to life. Oh well.* Anyway, enough random entires. Oh wait, not done being random yet. So, last night I dreamed that I was back at school and (I always have these dreams before every semester) I missed my first Digital Writing class 'cause it was at 4pm on Tuesday, which is random. And I didn't have any time to eat supper. And I had a test the second class period in one class. And then, there were pirates or something. And aliens, or something. And then something. Anyway, it was another weird dream. Those dreams . . . . Okay, now I'm done being random. :-)

This update in the boring, yet interesting (depending on who you are) life of Annie was brought to you by--well, Annie
Until next time, "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit--Crime does not pay. The Shadow knows. Muahahahahahaha"

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