Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So, other people have already posted about Six Flags, but I am going to do it myself now. So, Friday, my sister Karen and I drove up to Longview—long drive. Jodie and I ate supper at Applebee’s—yummy! Then we got up at 6:30 Saturday morning—much too early for a Saturday morning. We stopped to get gas which wound up taking around half an hour because I got witnessed to by the gas attendent. That was interesting. I think he was Muslim, but I’m not sure. I couldn’t understand him very well because English was his second language. I’d never really been in that position before. As I said, it was interesting. So then we got to Dallas (without getting lost, huzzah to me) and saw Carolyn and Amanda in Carolyn’s foyer. I was going out to get my contacts when I heard a “psst” from above him. I didn’t know who would be “psst”ing since I didn’t think anyone was in the house, so I ignored it at first. Finally, I looked up and saw—da da na da!—Shawna no-last-name!! (security reasons, you know) I said, “HI!” then a confused look crossed my face and I said, “You’re not supposed to be here.” So Shawna got to come! It was awesome.

So, I was adventurous at Six Flags. I rode Batman—my first upside and dangly feet rollar coaster!! Wowee!! Then I rode Superman, which was like the Fiesta Texas Scream, which shoots you strait up and down. That one was fun. Oh yeah. We also rode the water ride and the little rollar coasters and the bobsled and Sponge Bob (the brain-cell killer). And Amanda and I rode the swings and the log ride while the others were on the Titan, which we refused to go on. We also got to ride the carosal. It was so much fun.

Ah! They just blew up the president on the TV show I’m watching! That’s not good.

So, we went swimming that night at Carolyn’s after eating fondue (hey Strongbad, I brought back your fondue pot). The next morning, Jodie and I drove back to Longview. There was a stupid bird walking across the road and it wouldn’t fly away. There was a car next to me and a car behind me, so I couldn’t really move (come on, we were in Dallas!). I kept remembering Driver’s Ed: “Never swerve for the birds.” So yeah, I ran over a bird. And then, we were trying to get on the highway. There was a semi right next to us, so I sped up to get around it, and guess what? the semi sped up too. How stupid can you be. So my lane ended, the semi’s coming into us, and it was a little freaky. So I honked (yay!) and let him go by. Stupid semis. I got to eat lunch with Lina, which was fun. I got the recording of us singing “Scarborough Faire” yay! The drive back was interesting—Karen and I were both hyper, plus, I was tired. It was fun.

Okay, that’s a long enough post for now. :-)



Karen said...

Woo hoo for road trips high on caffine, muahahahahahahahaha. And I think there was something in that sweet and sour stuff... cause I normally don't act that crazy... ;-)

Sam said...

Sure you don't . . .