Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Spurs are winning! Yay! They'd better win, let me tell you! GO SPURS GO! :-D So, today, I suddenly realized that I can go to Six Flags day afterall--the only problem is that I can't get through to Carolyn 'cause she's working as a camp counselor this week. I don't want to just show up on their doorstep tomorrow and say, "Hey, can I stay here tonight?" That would be wrong. Plus, I wouldn't be able to find their doorstep since I can't get a hold of her for directions. :::sigh::: The things we go through for friends.

So, a couple nights ago, I dreamed that I was at this ganster place. I went to find Karen and Harry for a quick get-away, so I left the car running. I forgot that we were in a ganster place, and it took longer than I thought to find them, so somebody stole our car!!! I distinctly recall falling to my knees, throwing my hands to the sky and crying, "WEEEEENDY!!!!" And then, I was somebody from another country who came to America and got captured in this fortress or something, and the evil twin girls from X-files were there trying to kill us, and I was Scully trying to stop them. It was weird. That dream was a mix of 24, X-files, and my brother's video game. Last night, I dreamed again that somebody stole my car, this time with me inside! This creepy little man got into the car, and I said, "What the heck are you doing?" and he said, "Getting into your car." And I said, "Get into your own car!" in a very derisive voice. Ha ha, you tell those car-jackers . . .

On another note, I've gotten farther than ever in my written story! Did I already say that? But now I'm at a dilema. As I told my siblings, "Never write a story where the evil villain is a brilliant strategist unless you are one yourself." Darn that villain, why'd he have to be so bright? It took me forever to come up with a strategy for the bad guys to attack the good guys, and it's so good, that now I'm having trouble figuring out how the good guys will actually win. :::sigh::: The price we pay for epic novels.

Rock on Spurs!! YAY!!!

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