Saturday, June 11, 2005

Alright, I confess! I can’t take it anymore! ;-) So, the reason I haven’t updated in forever is not because I haven’t wanted to update in forever—I even thought out a lengthy post about my cool birthday—it’s because I got mad that nobody ever comments on my blog. I’m sorry. It’s just that, when I see no comments on my blog and bagillions on other people’s blogs, I wonder if anybody actually reads my blog. Which they may not. But if you read my blog and have time, just drop a note to let me know you read it. You don’t even have to say anything relevant to the post; just let me know how you’re doing. Now that that’s taken care of, onto the reason I have broken my long vow of silence:

I’m so excited! My first rejection slip was waiting for me (in my specially labeled self-addressed-stamped-envelope) when I got home from college! Apparently it had been waiting for me since sometime in April (the date was smudged out). Anyway, it was so exciting! You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for my first rejection, how many times I’ve wondered which of my stories would hold the honored position of first rejected, how many years I’ve been waiting for this moment! Okay, before you think I’m totally insane, most authors (in fact, no author that I’ve heard off) aren’t accepted on their first try, so I was expecting to be rejected. The excitement comes from the fact that I actually sent something off, I’ve been acknowledged by a publisher, and I got a letter addressed to “author.” I’m an author! Of course, it was definitely a form letter—“Dear author, from the editors,” but it was still a letter. Yay! So, June 9th marked a momentous occasion in the life and career of Anne M. BEEP. What was that? Oh right, no last names for security sake :::wink wink double grin:::.

Of course, with the rejection does come a little bit of insecurity, which I was feeling before I got the letter, namely: Is my story really publisher ready? I hope so. If I have to read it again, I think I’ll puke. Oh oh, and along story lines! I’m on Chapter 48 of Book 2 (they’re short chapters). I’m almost to Part 3! Yay! exciting!

So, I’ve been enjoying my time at home. I’ve been swimming twice, I cleaned two shelves and a drawer, I ate cookie dough ice cream!! (here’s to the CD club and the good ol’ days of summer! :::miss you, Leo::::), watched my third R movie (it was a pretty cool movie, but it was rated R pretty much only for the swearing which really got to me, so I think I’ll stick to my general no R policy—I mean really, people good think of better ways to express themselves than cussing all the time—I do ;-) ), I’ve written a little, read a little, and we started this summer’s marathon of Veinticuatro (24). Yay! And hopefully I’ll get a job soon. ::::singing:::: “I guess you’ll say, what can make me feel this way? Money, money, money, talkin’ ‘bout money.” :::stops singing:::: “It’s money, not Ares! Sorry Ares, but when it comes right down to it, I just love money more than you . . . ” Some people and their boyfriends . . . ;-) Annnnyway, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, I’m 20!!! Weird, huh? I got the entire set of the Archives of Anthropos for my birthday! I’m reading the Tower of Geburah right now. It’s not the same as I remember it (definitely written for children), but I still like it. I love the blue light, plus I haven’t read the last book yet. And anyway, now I have the set for if I ever have kids (I’ve been writing my story too much, I nearly wrote my language’s word for kid instead of English . . . sheesh). I also got Eragon (I’ve been wondering about it forever—I’m sure I can write that well :::wink wink::: and Earthsea. (By the bye, those were from Mom and Dad, the B------s no last names for security sake [Lina’s family], and Lina respectively.) Harry gave me the first season of Gargoyles on DVD! For once, a cartoon was better than I remembered it! (I know, needless italic, but I felt like emphasizing.) That was really fun. I enjoyed it during my long, lonely hours at school . . . . And I wasn’t scared because I had Darth Vader to protect me! Karen gave me a stuffed Darth Vader who breaths and says, “You don’t know the power of the dark side!” Although, that is creepy to hear in your sleep . . . (accidentally squeezed him). (Another needless italic, but I just wanted you to understand my emphasis.)

Well, now I think I’ll either read the rest of The Tower of Geburah or write the awesome duel scene from my epic novel number two part three!! Da da da da! (oh oh, here’s for Shawna: da na na na na!! It’s coming from your house! Da na na NA na!)

Goodbye my imaginary and adoring public! Until you read again!

Anne M. No Last Names for Security Reasons

P.S. Why are my posts always so long?


Anonymous said...

Well, I was wondering why every day when I checked there was nothing new. I'm just not comfortable writing--especially to an author.

She Who Must Be Obeyed
aka Mom

Sam said...

:-D Aw, thank you, Mom! I love you. And you write better than I do . . . ;-)

Karen said...

I read it too, and I do leave comments sometimes, so ha.

Aunt Candy said...

Well now that I know what the heck a blog is...
And I know why you tend to be quiet in public. It all comes out in your writing. hugs :)