Friday, July 22, 2005

Heart Attacks

Watching Gargoyles. I hope they put the second season out on DVD. I like this show. When I was little, it was a little dark, but it’s cool.

So, I had another missed-my-classes-during-the-first-week-of-the-semester dream. Stink. I don’t like those dreams. Although, this one was better because it turned out my clock was wrong, so I hadn’t missed class. And then it turned out that it was Tuesday, not Monday, so I didn’t actually have class until four that afternoon. So it wasn’t so bad. Did I mention my dream the other night where I was sword fighting but I kept loosing because I was short? That was amusing. I got so fed up I started crying until the Jesus character from the allegorical book I’m reading gave me leg and arm extensions so that I could fight. It was funny. ;-)

Deep contented (and exhausted) sigh. 17 pages. In one morning. Lately, my quota for each day has been no more than 15 pages accept for yesterday which had a record 25 pages. I’m talking about my book, by the way. I haven’t measured in awhile, but my average is generally 5 pages an hour. We’re talking notebook pages, handwritten. I finally got to the part I’ve been wanting to get to for years! Yay for climatic parts! I got so worked up about it that I actually felt as nervous as the main character, sort of cold and nauseas, heart pounding. It was awesome. Although I’ve decided that I probably shouldn’t continue my writing career into my old age or I might die of a heart attack at the climatic point. I’m still not done with this climax by the way. And I’ve got two more climaxes to go, and then I’m done with the book!! Oh excitement! Oh pure joy! Anyway, I should probably go clean the kitchen. Poor Mom is stressed about the homeschool round-up next weekend. If you think of it, pray for her! Oh, and I finished Quest for the King this morning, so now I can start reading the last in the Archives of Anthropos book The Dark Lord’s Demise, which I haven’t read yet. Right, kitchen time. Woohoo. And then back to epic novel writing. :-D Until next time, may you not die of a heart attack while reading my book.

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