Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Well, I've survived one week of work (plus a day) and nearly a week of class. All I can say is, this is good for a couple weeks, but I'll be glad when work is over. Working for four to five hours and then running to class for four and a half hours can get exhausting. It might not be so bad if class wasn't from 6 to 10:30pm. Thankfully, class is only Mon-Wed-Fri, and it's a fun class! Yay for astronomy! Numerous story ideas jump out of the text at every moment! :-D Plus looking at the craters on the moon is fun, too. But, I do have a test tomorrow that I probably ought to study for. Darn studying, it stinks. As my astronomy lab partner said, studying is like homework without a definate end. It's terrible!

Speaking of stories (as that's a more pleasant topic than class), I'm getting back into writing phase now that the major semester is over. I have a feeling some major rewriting is necessary for--what am I on?--Part 4, but as it's the first time I've written this part, I don't so much mind. :-) I got a book on Plot and Structure at Books a Million last Saturday. I always freak out and think Book 1 (of my series) must be soooo boring and it doesn't have a plot really, and it doesn't really get into the plot until Chapter 7. I always forget that aliens trying to conquer the world (sounds silly, doesn't it?) isn't actually the plot line, even though it started out that way. The plot is an orphan young man starting college tries to find his self-identity (and fails miserably, by the way--oo, this is fun!). And then in astronomy class last night, the teacher mentioned something that made me think of my villain and suddenly she got a lot cooler and more evil and I started to think the whole end of Book 2 again. My series is really like one big book in a bunch of volumes. Each book ends with this, "Oh there was a battle that began at the beginning of the book, but we finally won!! But then the world blew up and we have to start over" kind of feeling. Each book ends with the beginning of another problem. It's really fun!

Anyway, I should probably ready for work. "How may I direct your call?" I got a call for someone from the brother floor the other day. It was funny. But we aren't allowed to give out student's information. Have wonderful weeks everybody!!

Sam G.

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