Sunday, May 08, 2005

Well, everybody’s gone except those of us who are here for the summer, :-( and I decided to take a break from packing. I have had such an awesome beyond awesome week! I hardly remember finals, so much fun stuff has happened since then, albeit it involved a lot of watching people leave.

Monday night we had Amanda’s surprise going away party. That was so much fun! We ate The Dip, cake, and played Three on a Couch (which was so cool ‘cause we started out the year playing Three on a Couch at our first Brother/Sister floor party!). Then Carolyn gave Amanda Victoria and Albert, so we watched the first half that night.

The next day, I didn’t really study for finals because I didn’t want to. So Amanda and I watched the second half of Victoria and Albert. Wednesday evening, Jennie, R-Duck, and I went to get a storage unit. It would be one of our last suppers in Saga, and I wanted to eat it with people because—despite the occasional need for introvert-recharge time—I’m a social person who needs people. I asked Shawna (actually, I said, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it”) if she would keep people at dinner until Jennie, R-Duck, and I got back. Well, we wound up not getting back until around 6:15. I was so disappointed, but when I got to Saga, Christy was just getting there, and Shawna was still there will Kurt and Jen! I was so happy. It was fun. Thank you, Shawna for keeping people around and thanks people for staying! :-D I have wonderful friends!

Wednesday night, we (being a bunch of girls from the floor) watched The Phantom of the Opera. Oh, that is an awesome movie. Thursday, I didn’t have any finals!! Kermit the Frog yay! ::::waves arms around like a puppet while yelling, “Yay!!”::::: Thursday evening, lots of people were at supper for Saga’s (thankfully!) last meal. I got a bunch of people to sign my Autograph book. Then we had the funeral procession to carry Christy and Alisha’s micro-fridge to G2. That was funny. And then we went bowling! Bowling was so much fun! I took 45 pictures! And I bowled a 57 the second time. :::slaps face::: I’m out of practice. :-) Then we went to IHOP even though nobody really wanted IHOP, but we couldn’t think of where else to go, and I wanted to hang out more. I drew my second favorite IHOP picture!

Friday, we moved a bunch of stuff. I got so sore. We went to Whataburger for lunch. Shawna, Carolyn, and I rode in the back of Zoot’s pick-up. That was fun! Then we moved a bunch more stuff. I wound up sleeping for around 15 minutes on the floor of the hallway before dinner. Then I had to borrow Shawna and Rebecca’s shower because there was a fridge in mine. He he. Friday night, we watched Titan, A.E. in the brother floor lounge. I hadn’t seen that movie in forever. It was fun.
Yesterday (Saturday), I had planned to pack, but I wound up sleeping in. Then Carolyn, Jodie, and I went to get suite rings before we went to Amanda’s brother’s graduation picnic party. While there, we took suite and roommate (past, present, and future ;-) ) pictures. Then Jodie and I went to Wal-Mart and got REAL FOOD! I was so excited! Last night, Karen and I made The Dip (mostly Karen) and ate with our friends. Then Shawna, Rebecca, Jodie, a bunch of the guys, and I went to Chic-Fil-A. It was really fun. After that, I packed for a little (not much), and then helped Shawna and the guys move Shawna’s stuff to her car. After that, we decided to watch Napoleon Dynamite. Karen was right—it’s funnier the second time. It started out as Shawna, Bushey, Paul, and Zoot. Shawna and I were the only ones who had seen it. It was great! Zoot kept periodically checking Paul to make sure he was still alive. :-D Mike, Kurt, and Jennie came in (and probably some other people I don’t remember at this time). We watched some of the special features, and then got kicked out of the lounge when security came by—that means it was 2am by then. I hadn’t stayed up that late in a long time. We stood outside talking for awhile. Somebody found a can of grease and gave it to Shawna. She asked what she was supposed to do with it. I suggested lighting it on fire and watching it explode to which Paul responded, “Where do you learn all of this stuff?” Mike and one or two of the other guys went dumpster diving and came back with some ties. It was really fun. Eventually, we had to go to bed.

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