Sunday, December 25, 2005

'Twas the night before Christmas and I Can't Sleep!

Hullo peoples! Greetings and all that.

I guess I haven't actually written a post in quite a while. It's Christmas Eve. Er, I suppose technically it's Christmas. And I've been tossing and turning for the past forty-minutes, so I thought I would come downstairs and mess around on the computer until I am so utterly dead exhausted that I have to fall asleep. :-D

So, I'm back home now. Yay! It's exciting. Although, I've been sick since Tuesdayish. I probably would have gotten sick anyway, but I'm sure staying up late aggrivated my condition. Oh well. We live, we learn--we do it again. Just kidding.

I had a fun finals week. Monday, a small group of us (one carload!--Kendall, Jen, Shawna, Jesse, Paul, and I) went to IHOP, but only after Kendall's first flat tire which Paul changed for us. Tuesday I'm sure something happened, but I don't know what it was. Wednesday, I went to Books A Million and Old Navy with Carolyn and Jodie and I got my brother's Christmas present. Thursday, Amanda came! Yay! And then, three carloads of us went to Marshall to look at Christmas lights. I wound up driving with a carful of boys. They told me that for the next forty-five minutes, I would get to see what it was like to have three brothers. It wasn't so bad. So, looking at lights was fun. And then we went to IHOP (I might have badgered everyone into going . . .) where I finally drew an IHOP map! Er, well, IHOP picture, but it was exciting! I hadn't been able to do one all semester, so it was nice to know that I still had it in me. Friday wasn't so fun. I mean, it was fun to sing, but we sang all day so I didn't get to hang out with Amanda and Shawna. But I did get to hang out with Singers, so that was fun. But then we got stuck in an elevator. That wasn't fun. I nearly had a panic attack (I'm clostrophobic, or however it's spelled). We went bowling that night, which was fun. I was so tired by then though, that I don't remember much except that I bowled very badly until the last frame of the second game in which I got two strikes.

Saturday was graduation which was cool and sad at the same time. Then I loaded out my car and went to Shawna's graduation party. Everybody was so dead tired that I doubt anybody remembers much of that. Then, Karen and I came home. But we missed the turn in Dallas, which is something we've never done before--and I've been on that road at least 16 times. Oh, and we also, for the first time ever, got through the entire song of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." It's actually quite amuzing if you sing each verse in a different voice.

Okay, I should go before this post gets too insanely long. Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!

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